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Fact: Lucy is going to be his associate pastor

something I want to happen: Lucy and Eric I can see getting in a lot of fights this season of church business and stuff. I hope it doesn’t get to bad.

12/8/05: 12/8/05: So I am right, Eric didn't really get that made when the paishnors didn't want her to AP

6/3/06: 6/3/06: Not really, I think that got in that many of fights.


Fact: She going to be kind of in the middle of all the drama.

What I can see happening: I can see her like just telling Rose off because she just so stressed.

12/8/05: 12/8/05: Not yet, but I am just waiting for her to yell at Rose lol!
6/3/06: 6/3/06: Will I was wrong, they actually became friends. For awhile though she did not like her and she did say some stuff.


Fact: He's not going to be in every single episode this season.

What I want to happen: I want Sarah to be in this season.

12/8/05: 12/8/05: Not yet, :( there still hope though!
6/3/06: I6/3/06: I was very happy to see them both in the finale. I am one of the people that is not a big fan of the finale, and since its coming back for an 11th season, its going to be hard for Brenda to work with that ending (with them all having twins).


Fact: Mary got a divorce to Carlos and gave custody of Charlie away to Carlos, last season. Now Eric is stuck telling his parents this season.

What I think will not happen: I want MARY TO APPEAR!! It's not like I am Mary #1 fan, but they need to have her in an episode. It’s really incomplete without her and it might be the last season. If the writers focus another episode about her and her not in it all is mad!

12/8/05: 12/8/05: I right she hasn't been in a single episode they have talked about her but we haven't seen her!! COME ON LEAST GET HER THE LAST EPOSODE!!!
6/3/06: 6/3/06: That was really good they had Jessica in the finale. It would have been really incomplete with out her. I would of liked to seen her in the finale scene, not just talking on the phone with Carlos, but whatever.


Fact: Lucy going to be associate pastor.

What I think is going to happen: Lucy going to get really stressed out at her new job. I also think she is going to feel left out when she figures out Kevin quit the police force.

6/3/05: 6/3/05: Not really anymore I think she kind of got over that.


Fact: Kevin nearly got shot by a kid. Luckily he ducked. He quits the police force than

What I want to happen: I want Kevin and Lucy to have another kid.

12/8/05: 12/8/05: so far I have been wrong but just maybe...
6/3/06: YAH! 6/3/06: YAH! There is having a baby, well actually babies (Twins). Once again I don't really like the idea of all the older Camden’s having twins.


Fact: Simon and Rose currently want to get married


12/8/05: 12/8/05: NOT yet but I know there never go though with the marriage. Simon should dump her at the alter!! That would be funny!!
6/3/06:6/3/06: Well they almost made it to the alter close enough.


Fact: Later on in the season Ruthie will start liking Martin

What I want to happen: I DON'T WANT RUTHIE AND MARTIN TO DATE AT ALL!! They're like brother sister its just gross. (I know Mary and Robbie did it, but keep in consideration they dated before he was considered "family." Also when he dates Lucy he was just on the rebound also it was a little different) Even though I don't want them to get together I know they will because there are a lot of Ruthin fans! So I guess give the fans what they want!

12/8/05: 12/8/05: YES!! YES!! There not together!! I do however starting to be a really big fan of Martin and Ruthie as best friends/bother and sister relationship. They totally wrecked that scene when Martin told Ruthie he was having a baby, but it was still I cute scene. When Ruthie said she was dating Martin it made the scene more embarrassing than sad.
6/3/06: 6/3/06: I really disappointed that Tyler (Martin) Left the show. It was also pretty sad that Ruthie, all sad. If you think about it though Martin never really loved her liked that.


Fact: Eric doesn’t want the twins to tell his parents about Mary and Carlos's divorce.

What I think will happen: I want them to have a more individual role this season!

12/8/05: Not! Maybe they will but I don't think so any more.

6/3/06: Not really, but there always hope for next season.


Fact: He lost his virginity to Sandy over the summer.

What I want to happen: I want Sandy to be pregnant and it to be Martin's kid. The reason is this is a TV Drama, 7th Heaven needs as much drama as they can get. I hate when on TV shows when a character pregnant and they go though all this stuff and than there really not pregnant.

12/8/05: YES!! It’s like a 99% chance that it’s Martin's kid!!

6/3/05: Wow now I am wondering if its Simon's kid...I guess we will just have to wait and see or maybe could it be That Sandy is in love with Simon...