Glenoak Community Church-The Glenoak Community Church, do I even have to explain what it is. This would be Rev. Eric Camden church. The church has appeared in numerous scenes throughout the years. I have noticed though, that the Church has not appeared as much in the ninth season as it has in the past. You would expect to see it more since Lucy going to be a minister there.

Dairy Shack-This is another Camden hang out. Matt once worked here he delivered food since he was the only one with a car. Eric and Annie once went here on a date. This was right after when they found out they were having twins. Ruthie than sang them a song to them, I think we all remember that!

Pete's Pizza-Simon Once worked here. Also Mary once worked here (Until she got fired) with Frankie and Johnny. This is one of the most popular places to eat in Glenoak. Especially in season eight. This is also where Chandler thought he saw an angel.

The Gypsy Café-This is not a very popular place but Mary Once sang the song “Respect” here.

Roosevelt Elementary School-Ruthie once went to school. She was thrilled they had horses. This is a Private school, which Ruthie got a scholarship to. She later quit the school because they would not let her friend Yasmine in because she was a Muslim.

Walter Reed Junior High School-This is the junior high the Camden’s went to. Simon once brought a knife here but only to cut the chicken his mom gave him for lunch.

Glenoak Community Hospitial-Matt and John once worked here. Eric had opened heart surgrey. This is such a popular scene I could not even say all the scences!

More coming soon!