Note these are only movie trailers not television appearences, tv shows, ect. Also these are not all of the movies the cast have appeared in. Some of them just don't have trailers. Also some of the links might take you to a page where you can watch trailer and clips from the movie. Most of the clips should work on all computers, but there are a few you made need to have a special program to see them. Most of these clips are from Yahoo movies. I would appreaciate it if you did not take the direct link of my site. These took more time to copy on the wordprocessor on the web page than I expected. (If you really want to use them just email me I just want to know I guess lol) Like I said these are not mine they are yahoo's. So you are still entitled to use them. Thanks ENJOY!

Stephen Collins (Eric Camden):

Drive Me Crazy

Catherine Hicks (Annie Camden):

none at the moment

Barry Watson (Matt Camden):


Sorority Boys

Ocean's Eleven

Jessica Biel (Mary Camden):


Blade: Trinity


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Rules of Attraction

Summer Catch

Beverley Mitchell (Lucy Camden):

Right on track

David Gallagher (Simon Camden):

Kart racer

Little Secrets

Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie Camden):

none at the moment

Lorenzo Brino (Sam Camden):

none at the moment

Nikolas Brino (David Camden):

Baby Geniuses: Superbaby


George Stults (Kevin Kinkirk):

What lies above

Tyler Hoechlin (Martin Brewer):

Road to Perdition

Geoff Stults (Ben Kinkirk):

Wedding Crashers


Confessions of an American Bride

Scotty Leavenworth (Peter Petrowski):

Life as a House

Baby Geniuses

Ashlee Simpson (Cecilia Smith):

The Hot Chick

Jeremy London (Dr. Chandler Hampton):

Gods and Generals

Rachel Blanchard (Roxanne Richardson):

Without a Paddle

Sugar and Spice

Road Trip

Adam LaVorgna (Robbie Palmer):

none at the moment

Chaz Lamar Shepherd (John Hamilton):

none at the moment

Maureen Flannigan (Shana Sullivan):

A Day Without a Mexican