Fact about the show:

1 Sarah (Camden-Glass) Favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

2 Ruthie and Annie are left-handed.

3 Mayonnaise on white bread is, Matt's favorite sandwich.

4 Simon once had a lemonade stand outside the church.

5 Annie prefers to get groceries alone.

6 Eric is a bad cook.

7 Simon once tried to figure out where Heaven was.

8 Glenoak community church has a balcony. (We have only seen it in 2 episodes)

9 Colonel John Camden, USMC, Serial-Nr.54862314

10 Mary backpack from high school had a star on it.

11 Mary and Lucy bedroom used to have a miniature basketball hoop and a “Save the Rainforest” poster.

12 Ruthie once made a sculpture of all the Camden’s noses.

13 Simon is known as the bank of Simon.

14 Ruthie had a nickname Snookie, which Robbie gave her.

15 Simon was once in a low speed car chase.

16 Simon is a good cook.

17 Annie was wild in her teen years.

18 Chandler Hampton has a twin brother.

19 Eric parents first met in Korea.

20 Matt's license number is/was 3DAW608

19 Ben (Kinkirk) once read Lucy’s diary, which she still has to this day.

20 Lucy has made-out with all three Palmers (Rick, Ronald, and Robbie)

21 Eric has had one heart attack, and one Heart surgery/double bypass.

22 Mary once stole a cup, from the varsity.

23 Ruthie gave Lucy the nickname Lady Liberty, which she hated.

24 Peter once smoked.

25 Ruthie once played football.

Facts about the Stars:

1 Barry Watson Believes in Big Foot.

2 In the episode “Back in the Saddle Again” Mack Rosman’s half sister Katelyn Salmont guest stars.

3 When the set calls for ice cream, the use mash potatoes because its so hot on set because of all the lighting.

4 Beverley has to dogs named Tucker and Dixie.

5 Catherine Hicks is 11-years-older than her husband.

6 Stephen is legally blind in his right eye.

7 Adam LaVorgna and Jessica Biel once dated.

8 Barry was in the music video "Tongue Tied" by Eve 6

9 David's sister guest stared on7th heaven once.

10 Alice Hirson who played Jenny a.k.a Annie’s mom also played on the grandmother on Full House. So the Camden and Tanner kids have the same grandma.