Adopt a couple
You can adopt as many couples as you want, but please be a fan of the couple(s) you adopt. You have 24 couples to choose from. Please only request up to 5 couples per week or so. If you see a couple(s) you want that’s not on here than you may choose “Other”. I didn’t put all the couples for instance I did not put Ruthie and Bert (I don’t even know if you consider them a couple.) If you choose “other”, please type the couple’s names in the box character #.

Once you adopt a couple(s) I will make you a plaque with your couple(s) on it. You will be able to choose between three pictures. Assuming there are that many pictures of your couple(s). Once you get your plaque you can do what ever you want with it. Put it on your site, web blog, print it out and do whatever with it, ECT. Have Fun! If you are interested, fill out the form below.

Example of plaque you will receive:


1 Eric and Annie

2 Matt and Heather

3 Matt and Shauna

4 Matt and Cheryl

5 Matt and Sarah

6 Mary and Wilson

7 Mary and Robbie

8 Mary and Ben

9 Mary and Carlos

10 Lucy and Jimmy

11 Lucy and Jeremy

12 Lucy and Robbie

13 Lucy and Kevin

14 Simon and Deena

15 Simon and Cecilia

16 Simon and Georgia

17 Ruthie and Jake

18 Ruthie and Peter

19 Ruthie and Vincent

20 Ruthie and Martin (unofficial)

21 Cheryl and Robbie

22 Robbie and Joy

23 Roxanne and Chandler

24 Martin and Cecilia

25 Other__________

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Character #:
Name you want on plaque: