Season 10




September 19, 2005

Eric’s parents Cornel John Camden, (Peter Graves) and Ruth (Barbara Rush) are arriving to Gleoak. Eric does not know how to tell his parent’s about Mary’s divorce. So he tries avoiding telling his parents at all. He also hopes no says anything…especially the twins. Lucy struggles with her job as Associate Pastor. She also starts a conflict with her sermon about working mothers. Eric and Lucy also have a conflict about this matter. Next Simon and Rose (Sarah Thompson) decide to come to Glenoak. They are still engaged, but Rose wants to get married even sooner than they planned. She also spends time with Martin and Sandy (Haylie Duff). Martin has lost his virginity over the summer with Sandy who may be pregnant. Lastly, Ruthie is interested in a senior, who is going out with one of her freinds.

September 26, 2005

Martin figure out that he may be the father of Sandy’s baby. Ruthie tries to get Eric to let her date an older guy. Kevin is on duty with his partner Jim (). Jim puts a person in the police car. After that they start walking back to their car. A kid the about nine or ten walks past Kevin and then the kids pulls out a gun. He aims it at Kevin and Jim and shoots. Kevin and Jim hurried and ducked behind the car for safety. Luckily, he missed and none of them were injured. The kid runs away leaving Kevin and Jim shocked out of there minds.

October 2, 2005

Eric has a new band. They decide to play their music at a church celebration at a church event Lucy Organized. Kevin joins a community called “Mommy and Me.” He tells them all about his near death experience. He feels he now has more responsibilities like being a good father and husband.He has not even told Lucy anything about being shot. Lucy soon figures out though, by a parishnor. Sandy moves into Rose’s old apartment. This makes Rose decide to move in with Simon. Sandy (Haylie Duff) comes to the church event. Finally, Martin helps Ruthie find a date, but she not really interested. She takes his offer anyways. Martin also planning first date with Meredith (Megan Henning).

October 10, 2005

Eric and Annie figure out that Simon and Rose (Sarah Thompson) are leaving together they want Rose to move NOW! Simon doesn’t really stand up to his parents about this. He really not ready to leave with Rose, but he tries to make his parents say he can not so he does not have to tell Rose he does not want to live with her. This makes Rose mad and refuses to leave! Lucy councils a young girl named Lizzie. Who needs help telling her parents she’s pregnant. Lizzie later figures out she’s not pregnant. Lucy stills encourages her to tell her parents she is sexually active. Ruthie has feelings toward Martin!

October17, 2005

Matt is back in Glen Oak. He takes Kevin to a children's party where he dresses up like a rat. Lucy goes to see Sandy on the whole pregnancy thing. Lucy tells everyone she going to see Simon. Eric is very suspicions about Lucy's visit to see Simon. He spies on her and he later finds out about the pregnancy and Martin's being the father. Matt and Kevin get suspicious and decide to follow her. When they find out they try to tell Lucy to stop pressuring Martin in to marring Sandy. Ruthie is also very curious of Martin. Ruthie wonders why he doesn't keep his cell phone anymore.

October 31, 2005

Eric learns about the whole engagement ring between Simon and Rose (Sarah Thompson) Ruthie also lies to Eric about a guy Brian who is about 18 and he plays on the baseball team. Ruthie tells Eric he only 16. She also tells him she wants to double date with Martin and Meredith. Also Sandy (Haylie Duff) thinks she is having labor pains she asks Simon to take her to the hospital. She tells Simon there that she only slept with Martin to make him jealous. Lucy is also a little mad to learn that her whole family knows about Martin and Sandy being pregnant.

November 7, 2005

Sandy's (Haylie Duff) father (Michael McDonald) sees Eric and Lucy. He wants to help his daughter. He than just leaves a large sum of money with Eric and Lucy. Simon, who used to be refereed to as “The Bank of Simon”, is now having money problems since he purchased an very expense ring for his fiancée Rose (Sarah Thompson) Next, Martin decides to tell his father (Costas Mandylor) about Sandy and how she is pregnant with their child. Lastly, Ruthie starts to collect Campbell Soup Labels to get her school's newspaper a computer.

November 14, 2005

Eric learns that his own mother was pregnant, before she married his father. So this makes him looks at Sandy (Haylie Duff) and Martin's pregnancy situation in different way. Ruthie is sick with the flu. Ruthie and Annie go to the doctor. Annie wants Eric to come to. Eric insists not to and says he already knows what is wrong with him he had a really bad day. Rob and Ellen (Sandy’s Stepfather and mother) talk to Eric about Martin and Sandy. Eric hopes things go better than what they did earlier with Sandy’s alcoholic father. Unfortunately Sandy’s parents don’t want anything to do with the baby. Kevin, Lucy and Savannah are at the park. Kevin sees Sally who uses to go to “Mommy and me” She tells says how much her little boy cries all the time. Kevin than gives her advice. Kevin tells Lucy later that Sally

November 21, 2005

This Thanksgiving the Camden’s feed homeless people at the church. Eric and Annie try to be nicer to Rose since it thanksgiving and all. Everyone at school is talking about Martin and how he is going to be the father. Except people think Ruthie is the Mother. Since Ruthie was recently sick. People (Encluding her teracher)assume it is mourning sickness.Merdith sister's Kelly helps spread this rumo.r Eric than sets the facts straight. Annie, Lucy, and Kevin also gossip about Ruthie not knowing. (I'm not exactly what about) The twins accidently hear this information, and belive its true. Martin helps an old man carry his plate. Rose joins the Camden table. Martina and Meredith have a fight over this matter. Meredith goes to her sister Kelly for advice. Ruthie doses not any if she believes these rumors about Martin. If they are not true she hopes she has a chance at Martin. Ruthie is also collecting labels in order to get a new computer for the school. Ruthie also considers joining the school newspaper. After her teacher Ms. Allison told her about it. Than we Ruthie figures the truth out about Martin and Sandy she is crushed and no longer really wants to do the newspaper. Eric councels her (Ruthie) to try to not be angry and to count her blessings.

November 28, 2005
Christmas is just around the corner. Eric and Annie are letting Ruthie go out with Jack. Kevin talks to martin about becoming a father. He tries to change his attitude a bit. Simon does not want to rush into marriage after he discovers some secrets on Rose (Sarah Thompson). Rose does not want to have a failed relationship like her father (he on his fourth divorce). Rose actually goes sees her father Philip and tells him about her relationship with Simon. Rose also tells him about being ashamed of him for being married so many times. Also she embarrassed by her mother’s many marriages. That is her reason or excuse for not introducing her family to the Camden’s. Philip does not want Rose to get a divorce like he did. So he encourages her just to live with Simon. Rose also says she tried and it just made Eric and Annie hate her even more. Simon talks to Eric about Rose and they have well have what else pie.

December 12, 2005

The Camden’s are all giving back to the community this Christmas season. Eric is donates his time dancing with the elderly at a retirement home. Annie, Sam and David are spending time with Sudanese students at the Catholic Church. Ruthie volunteers at the hospital she even gives gifts to the sick, her old friend Katelyn (Katelyn Salmont) will guest star in this episode. Lucy goes back to Habitat for Humanity. Kevin finds a lost dog that he is going to take to the vet, but than gives it to a family he think will take good care of it. Kevin also dresses up like Santa and gives gifts out at the pool hall with Savannah.

January 16, 2006

Ruthie and Martin met Alex who is on the high school baseball with Martin. They soon become friends with him. Alex is an African American in this stirs up problems. Ruthie and Alex are in Mrs. Porter’s class. Alex does a report over Martin Luther King Jr. this make Mrs. Porter mad because he just did one over him the previous week. Alex argues as says he couldn’t get his whole message though. He does not think we should just honor Martin Luther King on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but every day. Mrs. Porter starts to agree with him and signs them a report on a great African American. To other students Brad and Tom are not happy about this. They even have fight over this with Alex and Martin. Martin goes out to find out that his car was vandalized saying a hateful message about African Americans. Martin will not move his car tell the person who vandalized it comes fourth and cleans his car. No one is coming fourth and a huge crowd a people now stands in the parking a lot. The principal call a tow truck driver to take away Martin’s car. When the African American tow truck driver comes he will not tow Martin’s car away after reading the message. Police officers come to slow down the commotions. Eric arrives too. Eric than decides to make his sermon on this. Martin gets on the news talking about what happened. Alex tells the people in the crowd why it is important to talk about Martin Luther King. Brad also apologizes about getting mad. Brad than admits he did not vandalize Martin’s car, but sorry about what happened. Martin and Alex than wash his car. At the end of the episode Ruthie and Alex listen to name of great African Americans.


Sandy (Haylie Duff) is in the ER (emergency room); Simon and Rose are in the waiting room too. Rose wishes Simon was excited more about the wedding plans. They continue to argue about this. Eric tries to convince Martin to see the birth of his child! He does not want to miss Tim McDonald, a baseball scouter. He even offers him a full scholarship. Tim also knows about him and Sandy, but still offering the scholarship. Martin then think Eric played a role in his scholarship offer. Martins also invites Ruthie to watch here at practice. Ruthie thinks of this as hope in the future for them two to date. Kevin wants to have another kid, but Lucy not as anxious as Kevin is about having another baby.

February 6, 2006


This episode starts out with Ruthie being late for class because she was crying in the bathroom about Martin. Ruthie also meets a girl in the bathroom whom has a very interesting and sad story of her own. This incident of being late to class later puts her in detention with the girl from the bathroom. In detention they talk and listen to classical music such as George Gershwin. The school recently cut the music program from the school. Some students have even purposely gotten themselves into detention so their teacher (gu Michael Feinstein) can teach them more about music. Later Ruthie teacher (the one from detention) come to talk to Eric together they try to figure what Ruthie knows about the young girl in the bathroom. Lucy also later gets involved. Later Simon calls asking what would be a good wedding song for him and Rose. Ruthie tells him songs from Gershwin. Simon also tells Ruthie about Martin and Sandy and how happy they are and how he would not be surprised if they got married. Ruthie is devastated from this.  


February 13, 2006


Its Valentines Day, Kevin gets reservations at the same hotel where Lucy and him got engaged. He also invites the whole family to come along. He does not tell Lucy the plans however. When Lucy arrives she is shocked and also pretty embarrassed. Ruthie is still very upset over Martin and tries to not think about him as much any more. Simon is frustrated with Rose because she tells him she does not want to get married in a church. Annie is sad when the twins tell her they do not want her to make them a cake and instead they want a store brought cake.


February 27, 2006


Annie lets Ruthie skip school; she can tell she just needs a break (especially from the whole Martin incident). Later Ruthie’s teacher comes over and lectures Annie and Ruthie about letting her skip school. Lucy meets with a parishioner about hosting a campaign. Lucy is also voted head in absentia. Lucy deceased grandmother “visits” her and warns her she is going to have many difficult challenges coming her way. Also at the end of the epidsode we find out that Lucy is pregnant.


April 3, 2006


The Camdens all have cell phone now. Ruthie is sad because no one has called her yet. Kevin and Eric give her number to random people including Mac (Kyle Sears) and Peter (Scotty Leavenworth). Ruthie figures out and it not happy about it. This later might bring a fling between her and Peter though. Simon and Rose have dinner with Rose's Ex-Boyfriend Umberto (Fidel Gomez), but gets interupted when Simon gets a phone call from a friend.


April 10, 2006


This episode is based on Simon and Rose basically. It starts out with the Camden family figuring out that Matt graduation ceremony lands on the same day as Simon and Rose wedding. Kevin decides to talk to Simon and Rose and encourages them to elope. However, Annie and Eric still don’t think there marriage will work. Annie wants them to postpone the wedding. Annie also encounters Rose’s ex-fiancé. Rose also has a talk with Annie.  Rose learns she may have not been the easiest person to get along with. After there conversation Rose and Annie grow a strong relationship. Annie still does not think Rose is the right person for Simon though. Major spoiler---Simon and Rose will not elope in this episode. Some other Camden news is that Ruthie wants be an exchange student in Scotland. Eric knows her main reason in wanting to be an exchange student is so she can be closer to Peter (Scotty Leavenworth will appear in this episode).

April 17, 2006

Rose and Annie plan Rose’s wedding shower. Lucy and Ruthie even become jealous of this. Eric admits he lost his original wedding ring a little bit after Annie and Eric’s wedding, He has been wearing a fake for all these years. Simon has taken incompletes in all of his classes so he can work to pay of Rose’s wedding ring. Kevin and Lucy then plan to pay for the ring as a wedding present. Also Sam and David are trying to learn secrets, to help them they use Oreos.

April 24, 2006
Annie is mad that she didn't know Matt and Sarah got married earlier than she thought. Eric tries to tell Annie how he lost his and had to replace it. Rose is mad at Simon for taking incompletes. Kevin is scared to tell Lucy that Savannah swallowed his wedding ring. Lucy and Kevin show their support for Rose and Simon by paying for her ring. Rose has some big news that Simon is not in on Lucy encourages her to tell Simon. Also Lucy learns that her mother cursed at someone. 

May 1, 2006

Happy moments are occurring at the Camden family. The Camden attend Matt graduation ceremony. Kevin and Lucy, Matt and Sarah, and Mary and Carlos (who are back together) have good news. Sam and David likes Ruthie’s new guy paul from Scotland. Annie is proud that her marriage has been as good as it has. Rose has changed the weeding date and her parents think she is lying about saying she is pregnant(they think it just so Rose knows Simon will go though with the wedding). Simon and Sandy also have what they call a “special” moment.

May 8, 2006
Couple of things I know about finale:

Jessica Biel and Barry Watson will definitely be in this episode. It is Rose and Simon’s wedding, Simon is no longer mad at Rose. Simon keeps having moxed feelings about the wedding. Matt and Sarah surprise the Camdens by appearing at the wedding. Little do they know they are about to know a bigger shock from them. In this episode we will also learn Lucy and Kevin, Mary and Carlos, and Annie’s good news. Eric and Annie also daydream about the past. This episode will have a surprise ending...


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