season 3





Here's my first review!!
"It Happened One Night"
This is one of my favorite episodes. I was really inspired by Lucy's singing!! Her voice is gorgeous. Ruthie was wanting to run away from the twins screaming, but didn't get away with it. Mary receives a call from Wilson and decides to go out with meet him at Eddie's Pool Hall. In the meantime, Lucy gets stuck with all of Mary's chores along with hers. Meanwhile, Mary is waiting for Wilson and Billy at the pool hall and runs into Jordan. Matt has just gotten a job at the Dairy Shack and delivers to the Camden House. While he is inside, Happy eats all his food that he is supposed to be delivering and Ruthie gets into the backseat of his car and plans to run away. Simon is trying to sing to the twins to get them to sleep, but doesn't have much luck. When Mary gets home, she takes a shot at it, but the result is the same. In the end, Lucy puts Sam and David in a carrier and sings to them, and everyone joins in singing different sections of the song.

"When they ask where I am, say you just missed her."- Mary to Lucy

"...but she sure can clean a toilet!"- Annie talking about Lucy

Review by: Breanna