season 7




Name: Dawn

Episode: The Enemy Within

Rating: 10. It's one of the very few episodes in which I can't find something to complain about. It was all really well done.

Quote from the episode:

I have to go somewhere. I have a friend whos in trouble. If I don't go to help her, I could never look at myself in the mirror again. I just have to give her a ride to a safe place that's all it is. Im not in any danger. Im not doing anything wrong or illegal. Its nothing like that. I just have to help her and thats all there is to it.


The Enemy Within is my favorite episode of 7th Heaven next to The Song Of Lucy. I really enjoyed them both. Anyway, I thought the whole episode was really well made. The storyline's were great and gave both humor and drama to the episode. Ben reading Lucy's journal and Ruthie and Ben being forced to stay in the vice principal's office were really good subplots to the main plot which revolved around Simon, Cecilia, and Claire. It addressed teen pregnancy in a very effective way, and of course any David Gallagher fans loved the scene at the end where he gave the baby up in tears. Great Episode!