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Dropping Trou review

Wow what a season premiere. I thought it was excellent and its like it was in the ealier seasons except now there all grown up. I cant believe ruthies in high school and sam and david are in kindergarten. And lucy pregnant and what im most excited about is matt and simon are back and all the non camdens (except martin who doesnt bother me) are gone I have been waiting all summer to see and we finally did
Eric and annie: one of my favorite parts was erics brain theory. And he kept making excuses for ruthie. Also at the begging it was sad when annie wanted to take sam and david to school but they wanted eric to because that's what men do. And I also loved all the flashbacks that they had, my mom started to cry when they showed ruthie and im like mom its a tv show but it was funny
Matt: its nice to see him back. He gave really good advice to annie and eric but they didnt listen. I guess he didn't have to much of a storyline but it doesnt bother me as long as hes in it. They didnt say anything about sarah except when lucy asked were his wife was, so I hope there doing ok.
Simon: wow, simon is it just me or does he have an attitude problem? When annie got home with the twins and he wasn't answering anything she was asking and I think it is annies buisness because its her house and she has the right to know if her son is sleeping with someone in her house and there are young children (sam and david) whos room is right there and they could have just walked in while they were doing it
Lucy and Kevin: Lucys pregnant. I think its really funny how lucy is refusing to by maternity clothes. She seemed so happy in the season finale when she told kevin (until he fainted) but I bet she will be happier soon. Its also funny how kevin called matt because lucy isnt sharing with him and no kevin and matt are bonding.
Ruthie and martin: Ruthie has an attitude problem to. It was funny when she pulled martins pants down but shes really grumpy. I am also soooooooo glad peter isnt there she is a lot better without him
Sam and David: they didn't have much of a storyline other than starting kindergarten. There acting has gotten better since the season finale. They did much better job and I loved there story about what they did at school although I wish we saw it.

Quote: annie to eric- I see simon with some girl he brought home from school and it looks as if they had you know (I couldn't think of one)

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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I love the new opening credits give them a 5 out of 5

Twins did a much better job

Im glad lucys pregnant and we will get to see her be a mom before the show ends

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Best laid plans review
so. Were already in the 2nd episode of season 9. This was a pretty good episode. I loved the Sam and David storylines with them getting in trouble all the time.
Eric and Annie: I loved Eric in this episode; I didn't see Eric being so nice to Simon coming. I was kind of surprised Annie wasn't in the room talking to Simon to, however I don't have so much to say about them
Matt: matt didn't really have a storyline in this episode except to go around and help people. So he didn't have much of a storyline
Lucy and Kevin: I am so glad they are having a girl, only I don't think it was a big surprise to anyone. In the begging when Kevin was making Lucy her food that made me feel sick, it was so nasty. I am also glad Lucy gave in and got maternity clothes
Simon: what happened to our sweet innocent Simon? Well he grew up. I cannot believe Simon had sex (well actually I can because I read spoilers) so I bet Simon will be better in the next episode
Ruthie and Martin: wow Ruthie has turned into a brat. She wont even apologize to martin however it was really nice of martin to admit that it was partly his fault and he should have given her a ride to school, and it was also nice that he tried to get her out of detention.
Sam and David: wow they keep getting in trouble at school. I loved their mouse story though, I think its very cute how they say the end after everything.
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Quote: Martin to Ruthie: "You know what? Forget about it. You're just a spoiled brat! You get your way with everyone because you're the youngest girl in the family and everyone treats you like a baby. Everyone thinks it's funny or cute when you do something wrong. But you're not with your family when you're at school and other people may not find you so funny and cute."

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Song of Lucy review

Wow, I loved this episode. This is one of the strongest episodes 7th heaven has had in a long time. I love to see Lucy preach. This episode was a lot better than I expected
Eric and Annie: I thought they did well in this episode but they were not my favorite storyline. I loved when Harry asked Eric how he can sound friendly and not friendly at the same time. That was funny. I love Annie, especially when she said to Eric do you think he lied to us because he wanted to lie or because he doesn't feel he can tell us the truth. I also thought it was nice when Annie said to Simon I am not happy but it's a start.
Lucy and Kevin: Wow, I loved Lucy in this episode (like all episodes) I am glad we got to see her preach again since the Sunday eppy, because she always does a good job, my mom also said she thought it (her sermon) was the best thing they've ever said on 7th heaven. Kevin dream was also funny. I love Beverley Mitchell voice. But the high part of this episode was definitely Lucy's sermon
Simon: He was also a high part of this episode. It was really realistic how he walked into Dr. Gibson office and said he doesn't need help and then came back and said he really did need help. I also thought it was cute when Simon started crying and hes like im insane are not I, so I loved Simon in this episode. I also cannot believe he lied about breaking up with Georgia.
Ruthie and Harry: My favorite quote in this episode was Ruthie to Eric: Don't kid yourself dad Lucy's eating for a family of 5 with two dogs. I really hope Harry and Ruthie break up Harry's a big geek (no offense to anyone who likes him thats just my opinion)
Martin: he didn't have much of a storyline in this episode (that I can remember) so I wont right anything about him.
Sam and David: I cannot remember them in this episode either.

Quote of the week: Ruthie to Eric- don't kid yourself dad Lucy's eating for a family of 5 with 2 dogs

Rating: 9 out of 10

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it was great to see Dr. Gibson in this episode he's lost a lot of wait since he was last on the show in the eppy dick in season 7

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Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do
Most people thought this episode was dumb, but I enjoyed it. In most episodes they have a lesson hidden in it, I think the lesson in this episode is that even the littlest things matter. When they saved the bird most people, like Ruthie would think o its just one little bird and I have to much to do so I cant save him. I loved that about this episode because its true, even the smallest things matter.
Eric and Annie: Annie reminded me of the mom we used to see and Eric the dad. It was so sweet when Annie went to that moms house and Leannes mom was like I was never the mom type and Annie was like, well nows your chance, and it was sweet of Eric to go to Charlie’s house and be there for someone he didn’t even know.
Simon: dang, I was hoping a better storyline than this one. Well I thought the storyline was great but they didn’t show much of it. So it was great to see Justin again and know what he thinks of Simon but I think they could have done better.
Lucy and Kevin: I wish they showed Lucy’s class. I think there’s something wrong with the guy that does the editing because he edited what would have been a great scene out. Not much to say about Kevin except it was funny when he was talking to martin and martin said he saw Harry with another girl and Kevin’s like ill kill him.
Ruthie, Martin, Harry, Sam and David: I loved the bird storyline. I thought it was great but I already said that above so not much to say except I am glad Ruthie and Harry broke up.
Rating: 9 out of 10

Quote: Kevin to martin (about Harry): ill kill him

Next week: it looks interesting and that’s all I am going to say

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Fathers review
this was a great episode. It was great to see Wilson again and I love how they brought back Charlie, normally we just see people like that for one eppy and then you never see them again but I like how they did this.
Eric and Annie: Annie was pretty pointless in this eppy but I loved Eric. It was cute how Eric and the twins were playing in their pajamas. And then the advise he gave to Kevin was good advice, and then it was really smart for Eric to, instead of taking care of it himself to call up Wilson, a man who has been there himself. Not too much more to say on him
Lucy and Kevin and Ben: Ben, Ben, Ben, he made this storyline really funny. I loved how his answer (more like excuse) to everything was “because I am the uncle,” I was laughing so hard, I am glad they brought him back. Well more about Lucy and Kevin, I thought it was funny how Lucy wanted the girl doctor but Kevin wanted the guy one, you know if it was men that got pregnant Lucy would have definitely wanted the guy one. I also liked in this episode at the very end when Eric and Kevin were talking on the back porch it was very nice what Eric said. So they were pretty funny in this eppy.
Martin and Ruthie: wow, I cannot believe Lucy has a crush on Mac, I like his character but I would never like him like that. Also Ruthie looks so much older with make-up on, it was also funny when Wilson said Ruthie you are all grown up and Ruthie’s like shut up. (My moms like they shouldn’t have written that in but I was cracking up because I probably would have said the same thing) so they were pretty funny in this eppy to
Sam and David: not much of a storyline except for Sam and David helping and playing with Eric

Quote of the week: Ben to just about everyone- because I am the uncle

Rating: 9 out of 10

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it was great seeing Wilson again

it was great seeing Ben again

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Thanksgiving review
It was great to see another thanksgiving episode, since we havent had one since the first season. I personally loved this episode and im glad they mentioned the death of annies father since we hadnt heard about it since the episode angel.
Eric and Annie: it was great to see more of annie than just a few scenes. I also loved how she was acting really roud and then she came out and said it was because it's the first thanksgiving without her father. I also loved eric in this episode. When he was going crazy trying to get everyone to glen oak. I think they did an awsome job in this episode. I also loved when kevin and eric were talking and erics like we have a problem and kevins like fine I go gather stupid acorns and erics like no not those nuts our nuts
Matt and sarah: it was great to see sarah again since we havent seen her since the season finale when matt and sarah were having mariage problems., and we got to see them happy and together since the last time we saw them happy was (excluding the little scene in matts bedroom in little white lies) like in life and death back in season 7. they were funny in this episode to.
Lucy and Kevin: most people thought Lucy was immature and annoying in this episode but I liked her. She was just trying to help out and pitch in by wanting to make thanksgiving dinner. I also loved the scenes with kevin and eric, the ones were they are standing by the garage. I love to see kevin and eric interact its funny. I also loved when annie and lucy were talking towards the end of the episode when annie gave lucy her turkey appron.
Simon and Georgia: well I guess everyone who saw the preview knows Georgias pregnant but I hope she isnt. There really isnt much with them so I don't know what to say.
Ruthie: wow she looks a lot older. I think its good how she wanted to spend thanksgiving with mary, carlos, and baby charlie.
Martin: one of my favorite scenes he was in was the one were he and annie were talking about their deceased parents, it was really sad and I thought it was a good scene. Also the picture that martin held up, I wonder if that's really tyler hoechlins mom because they look alike.
David and Sam: they didn't have much of a storyline but I thought the taller one did a good job acting the shorter one is getting better and they are both improving. I also thought it was cute when they came in annies room and they said they like making crafts and annie said no you don’t and they said well we love you and If you want us to make crafts we will, that was cute
Carlos and Charlie: I like that even though mary doesn't appear in the episodes they have carlos and charlie. Charlie is precious, I loved at the end when they showed all the pictures, the on of charlie and happy was my favorite.

Rating : 10 out of 10

Quote: kevin to eric- do you think I can convince lucy these are really big acorns?

Next week: this episode looks really good, with simon finding out hes gonna be a father and lucys pregnancy scare I cant wait for this episode.

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Episode: Gratitude
Season: 9
Created by: mmm7theaven1 (Lindsay)
This episode was perfect! I absolutely loved it! I new it was going to be a great episode once I read the spoilers and then when I saw the trailer! There was so much drama, which keep it very interesting. I think the writer Fred Einesman for this episode did a great job. He was the same guy who wrote “The One Thing” from last season.

Eric and Annie-They didn’t play a huge part in the episode, but what they did was nice. I thought the car ride was ummm…interesting.

Matt-I liked how Matt played the “big brother” role in this episode. I would have really like if Sarah were there though. After I watched this episode. I was thinking what would of happened if Matt were there? I mean I don’t think she would have been alone, but what if it was just Martin there he probably would of not known what to do.

Lucy and Kevin- I first most say Beverley Mitchell did some fabulous acting in this episode. I liked Kevin’s whole “bad boy” image. I liked the suspense it made when Kevin was not there and how bad Lucy wanted him there. My favorite part was when Lucy and Kevin fell asleep that was so cute!!!!

Simon and Georgia-This episode were the most lines Georgia has ever had. She was extremely annoying in this episode. Except that fruit bowl thing Georgia had looked really good lol! I was stunned when Simon said, “I am Simon LeBon” in the women’s clinic. I thought LeBon was Georgia last name or something and they got married and used her last name. Then I remembered her last name was Huffington.

Ruthie-She played an extremely small role in this episode. I liked the quote she said though it was something like “…and Mary and Carlos are acting like it’s there honeymoon or something…”

Sam and David- I liked Sam and David in this episode it was a small part as will to. I liked when they were singing the YMCA it was very cute, but obnoxious at the same time.

Martin- He played a small role in this episode. He was just kind of there.

Lucy to Kevin: “A little to much MTV dude”
Matt to Kevin “Maybe they will be to high to notice.”

Rate: 10 (1 out of 10{ten being the highest})

I gave the episode a perfect score because it was funny, but serious at the same time. I loved the drama. It was a perfect episode!!!

Other stuff:
>I wonder if they will sing "Love is all around" to Lucy when she gives birth to the baby. We heard everyone sing it when Annie gave birth to the twins in the episode In Praise of Women. I know Lucy may not get to the hospital in time but she might and they could always sing it late.
>I loved when Kevin caught the drug-buster, but you could totally tell that was not George Stults.