Where do you get your spoliers?

Usually summaries what showfax have. I do not like the new "TV Tome" place so I don't use them anymore, besides for dates sometimes. No I am not a member of show fax, I have them emailed to me by fans of the site (thanks Molly especially), TV guide has great spoliers too.

Is this the largest 7th Heaven site on the web?

I'm not sure. I think I am the top 5 english sites, but I not sure. I think its cool to be even in the top 10.

Can I take some pictures off your website to put them on my website?

I'll probably let you use stuff. Please contact me first. I'll tell you what you can use.

Is there any boards on here?

ummm yes its not totally done though http://mmm7theaven1.suddenlaunch3.com/

Who host your website, is it free, and is it easy to use?

Tripod, my site is free, but you can pay and get the whole version. ummm its petty easy once you get the hang of it of it. The good thing is it is a sitebulider (not HTML).

Do you need anyone to to help co-own this site???

no, I don't need anyone to to help co-own 7HW now. You apply for a job [...] it not permenate, but you get full credit for what you do. Currently no one besides me works at the site! So maybe you can be the first!

Can you make a website for me?

I am very busy, but all help you get started.

Is there anything I can do to particapate in your website?

Yes, Win a award for your site by answering triva and making fan art, polls, making reviews, telling me what you think about the site, by signing the guestbook,There are so many things just look around the site, and just visting regularly.

Do you have anything to do with the WB, Spellling INC., 7th Heaven or 7th Heaven Cast?

Nothing besides being fan. I am not related to 7th Heaven, Spelling Inc, or the WB I am just a huge fan!!! Although it would be cool to meet the cast!