season two





September 15, 1997: Don't Take My Love Away: Eric and Annie decide to renew their vows; a widow (Leigh Taylor-Young) seeks Eric's help to confront the juvenile (Cliff Dorfman) who murdered her husband; Mary is reluctant to put down her crutches.

September 22, 1997: See You in September: Eric tries to talk down a boy threatening to jump off a building. Meanwhile, on the first day of school, each of the kids inadvertently breaks a school rule.

September 29, 1997: I Love You: Eric accidentally reads a letter from Matt to Heather that begins "Dear Mrs. Matt Camden"; Annie and Lucy help a classmate being verbally abused at home.

October 6, 1997: Who Knew?: Eric finds a marijuana cigarette in the house and can't figure out which of the kids it belongs to. But before the smoke clears, Annie admits that she once inhaled.

October 13, 1997: Says Who?: Mrs. Bink asks Eric to intervene on behalf of a friend who suddenly moves into a retirement home; Lucy tries to find out if a classmate is bulimic.

October 20, 1997: Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Matt takes off for Philadelphia after news from Heather; Simon is determined to find his first girlfriend; and Lucy bemoans the fact that everyone but her is getting kissed.

November 3, 1997: Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Simon tries to protect a friend who's being used by his gang-embroiled sister, while Lucy and her girlfriends just want to have fun at the mall.

November 10, 1997: Do Something: Annie gets an offer for her homemade muffins; Simon and Ruthie go into the greeting-card business; and Matt takes a job keeping company with a terminally ill boy.

November 17, 1997: I Hate You: Simon is intrigued when he sees a number tattooed on the arm of an elderly neighbor (Rita Zohar); Ruthie hurts Annie's feelings with three little words; Mary and Lucy dislike Matt's new girlfriend.

November 24, 1997: Truth or Dare: Things go awry when Matt arranges a date for Mary, and Mary arranges for Lucy to be invited to a sleepover with "the cool group."

January 12, 1998: Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way: The church is selected for a local telecast, and Eric must write a sermon that's "something special"; Mary considers quitting basketball; Lucy comes home with a D in American history; and Simon wants to be a magician.

January 19, 1998: Rush to Judgment: The Camdens get some exercise jumping to conclusions when Eric and Annie discover a deficit in the church books; and Lucy has "a bad feeling" about a hug between Mary and her coach.

January 26, 1998: Stuck in the Middle with You: Lucy jumps for joy when she learns that Jimmy Moon and Ashley have broken up; Grandpa makes a visit — and he's got a surprise; Ruthie cares for a couple of reptiles; Eric and Annie counsel three newlywed couples.

February 2, 1998: Red Tape: Annie cracks down on the kids with a "good-manners binge": all pleas must be accompanied by the word "please." Meanwhile, Happy gets a credit card; and Eric takes on the IRS to help the mother of a poor kid.

February 9, 1998: Homecoming: Simon reaches for the stars with his school presentation on the solar system; Mary faces the anxiety of her first basketball game since her knee operation; Lucy's friend Suzanne visits, but Eric senses that something's not right; and Ruthie has her first field trip.

February 26, 1998: It Takes a Village: Eric's friend Morgan decides to deal with his wife's ex, who calls her every year on Valentine's Day; a classmate of Lucy's falls for Mary.

March 2, 1998: Nothing Endures but Change: Lucy ignores her parents' orders when they forbid her to go out with a friend who just got her driver's license; Mary rekindles her friendship with Wilson (Andrew Keegan).

April 6, 1998: My Kinda Guy: Eric volunteers to temporarily house a handsome French exchange student (Steven Roy), whose charm works its wonders on the Camden ladies and masks his contempt for Americans. Meanwhile, Eric sets up a church Web site.

April 13, 1998: Time to Leave the Nest: When Simon brings home an apparently homeless girl (Caitlin Alderton), Eric tries to find her family. Meanwhile, Matt wants to go to college in Tennessee, and Mary and Lucy decide that they need separate rooms.

April 27, 1998: Like a Harlot: Eric asks Matt to take a girl (Sheeri Rappaport) to the prom as a favor to another parent. Matt agrees, which pleases his parents, who are unaware of the girl's promiscuous reputation.

May 4, 1998: Boyfriends, Part 1: Matt tries to find the right time to tell his parents that he's accepted an internship in Washington. Meanwhile, his concern for his sisters leads to a confrontation with Mary and Wilson.

May 11, 1998: And Girlfriends, Conclusion: Eric and Annie's parents arrive right in the middle of the crisis involving Mary and Matt; and Happy's original owner comes to take him back