season three





September 21, 1998: It Takes Two, Baby: Annie is three months pregnant and frustrated over her weight; Matt's moving into an apartment with three women; and Lucy is following The Rules dating manual.

September 28, 1998: Drunk Like Me: Matt decides to leave his fraternity before the initiation night, but his friend (Steve Monroe) remains — and the result is fateful. Meanwhile, a divorcée in the church flirts with Eric.

October 5, 1998: Cutters: Mary is troubled by Lucy's newest friend (Allison Mack), while Lucy sees her sister's disapproval as jealousy. Meanwhile, Matt is depressed when he is rejected by a girl for the first time.

October 12, 1998: The Legacy: At school, Simon feels responsible for a teacher's dismissal; Mary cuts a class for the first time; and Lucy collides with her geometry teacher.

October 19, 1998: And a Nice Chianti: Eric tries to console a recently divorced woman (Susan Blakely) who is still grieving over the death of her son. Meanwhile, Matt plays the Good Samaritan on the highway and ends up getting arrested for auto theft.

November 2, 1998: And the Home of the Brave: On the day of Grandpa and Ginger's wedding, Annie brings home a homeless World War II veteran (Ray Walston); and Matt and Mary break down on a remote road.

November 9, 1998: Johnny Get Your Gun: Simon's worries over the return of Deena's old boyfriend become real when the boy (Jake Richardson) threatens to shoot Simon with a handgun. Meanwhile, Matt is disturbed by Mary's interest in Shana's troubled brother.

November 16, 1998: No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock and Roll: Eric is excited to learn that his old band buddies are going to visit him, but the reunion proves to be unsettling. Meanwhile, friends offer Matt and Mary an energy-booster drug.

November 23, 1998: Let's Talk About Sex: The Camdens face issues related to sex as Lucy considers experiencing her "first time"; Mary's basketball-team sleep over turns coed; and Matt struggles to find a topic for a human-sexuality project.

December 14, 1998: Here Comes Santa Claus: The Camdens test their creativity at Christmas as they try to come up with gifts for each other, and Lucy faces the holiday without Jordan.

January 11, 1999: Nobody Knows...: Simon learns of a secret pain that Deena carries with her; Matt betrays the confidence of his aunt; and Mary feels guilty for using deceit to get her driver's license.

January 18, 1999: All That Jazz: While preregistering at the hospital, Annie and Eric see the doctor who delivered — and almost killed — Matt; Matt tries to talk to Heather, who keeps avoiding him.

January 25, 1999: The Tribes that Bind: Annie dreads having the church ladies over for her baby shower. Meanwhile, Eric and fellow preacher Morgan encounter racism at a restaurant.

February 8, 1999: In the Praise of Women: As the family waits at the hospital for the birth of the twins, Eric and Annie ask for assistance from an unexpected source.

February 15, 1999: It Happened One Night: The twins are home and Eric and Annie expect help from the children. However, Ruthie plans to run away; Mary does — to the pool hall; and Simon reads parenting books.

February 22, 1999: Paranoia: When the deacons at the church act strangely, Eric is convinced that they are going to fire him. Meanwhile, Jimmy Moon's parents confide in Eric that they think Jimmy's into drugs.

March 1, 1999: Sometimes That's Just the Way It Is: Eric counsels a seemingly happy couple (Corbin Bernsen, Amanda Pays) when the husband suddenly announces he wants a divorce. Meanwhile, Matt decides to join the Army.

March 15, 1999: We the People: Eric counsels a friend (David Dukes), the president of the university Matt attends, when the story breaks that the man had an affair with a grad student. Meanwhile, the scandal puts Matt at odds with another student who wants the president fired.

May 3, 1999: The Voice: Eric is thrown for a loop when Rudy (Jack Carter), the janitor at Simon's school, tells him God literally spoke to him and told him to tell the minister. Meanwhile, a burnt-out Annie hatches plans for a covert getaway.

May 10, 1999: All Dogs Go to Heaven: When two parishioners (Frank Birney and Rosanna Huffman) ask him to sit with their dying mom, Eric comes to their home — and finds the tale has an unexpected twist.

May 17, 1999: There Goes the Bride, Part 1: When Matt accepts a last-minute request to become a bridal-party usher, Shana (Maureen Flannigan) and his parents fear he still has feelings for his soon-to-be-wed ex.

May 24, 1999: There Goes the Bride, Conclusion: Despite humiliating Shana by running off with Heather, Matt still wrestles with the question of whom he truly loves. Meanwhile, Eric's disapproval causes Julie (Deborah Raffin) to lose faith in her relationship with Dr. Hastings, who confronts Eric about his attitude