season nine





September 13, 2004: Dropping Trou: The ninth season kicks off with the first of a two-parter as Ruthie embarrasses Martin on her first day of high school, while the twins apply their mischief in kindergarten. Elsewhere, Matt's medical advice fails to ease the agitations of the pregnant Lucy; and Annie catches Simon in a compromising position with a young lady (Rheagan Wallace).

September 20, 2004: The Best Laid Plans: Conclusion. Annie and Eric try to get to the bottom of Simon's surreptitious behavior by crashing his romantic dinner with Georgia, while Matt chips away at Ruthie's unwillingness to apologize to Martin. Also: Kevin and Lucy learn the gender of their baby.

September 27, 2004: The Song of Lucy: Simon confronts his guilt over the accident with a therapist as Lucy struggles to write her first sermon and Ruthie lobbies for the right to date a classmate (Aaron Carter) she met in detention.

October 4, 2004: Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?: Eric and Annie comfort a young unwed mother-to-be (Amanda Fuller) in the throes of labor, who is reluctant to give her child up for adoption, while Lucy interviews prospective parents. Also, Simon encounters the brother (Joey Grey) of the teen who died in the accident; Ruthie cares for a bird as Harry tries to get others to send her a message.

October 11, 2004: Vote: As election day approaches, Martin lets his feelings about the issues be known, which intimidates Ruthie, who feels uninformed. Elsewhere, Lucy and Kevin bicker about making time to register to vote, while Eric tries to explain the political process to the twins.

October 18, 2004: Fathers: Eric recruits Wilson (Andrew Keegan) to counsel a panicking unwed father (Eric Panler); Kevin dislikes Lucy's new doctor; Ruthie adopts an older look to attract Martin's pal Mac (Kyle Searles).

October 25, 2004: Regret to Inform: Martin develops a bond with an older woman (Martha Plimpton) after she mistakes him for a rookie cop — and tells him that her father is also a Marine serving in the Middle East. Elsewhere, Lucy is annoyed with Ben after she learns he is dating her doctor.

November 1, 2004: Why Not Me?: Simon is evicted from his dorm after allowing his new girlfriend (Lauren Storm) to stay over, and he leaves it to Eric to smooth things over with the dean; a revelation about Harry is uncovered.

November 15, 2004: Thanksgiving: Annie's obsessive determination to gather the entire Camden family together for a Thanksgiving feast clashes with the kids' individual plans, including Lucy's desire to cook the dinner. Simon and Georgia have news for their parents.

November 22, 2004: Gratitude: With Kevin away on an undercover assignment, Matt becomes Lucy's emotional lifeline after she is overcome by contractions at the supermarket; Simon prepares for a difficult talk with his parents; and Ruthie feels lonely in Puerto Rico.

November 29, 2004: Wayne's World: Confined to bed following her hospital stay, an irritable Lucy tries the family's patience, while Martin's simmering anger boils over onto the baseball diamond. Wayne Newton guest stars.

January 24, 2005: Paper or Plastic?: To give Annie time to prepare Lucy's baby shower, Matt takes his expectant sister shopping — whereupon she unexpectedly goes into labor. Meanwhile, Kevin tries to return a gift he purchased without Lucy's consent.

January 31, 2005: The Fine Art of Parenting: Lucy's eagerness to show off her baby concerns Annie, who fears the infant's health will suffer from overexposure to germs; Martin's classmate spreads a false rumor after she sleeps on his couch; Ruthie blackmails Martin to land a date with her crush (Thomas Dekker).

191...02/07/05 - First Date
Ruthie is on cloud nine when Eric and Annie reluctantly agree to let her go on her first official date. However, Ruthie isn't surprised to find the family handling her big news with their usual crazy Camden ways: Annie and Lucy decide it's their job to help Ruthie prepare for her date with Vincent; Kevin takes it upon himself to give Ruthie "the talk"; Sam and David change into their Sunday best so they can go on the date as well; an overprotective Martin and Mac decide to spy on Ruthie and Vincent's date; and Matt volunteers to play chaperone, but finds himself in a web of lies to protect Ruthie's feelings.

192...02/14/05 - Red Sox
The streets of Glenoak are alive with the sound of music as the Camden family breaks into song for a very special Valentine's Day musical episode. Classic songs ("Love Is Sweeping the Country," "You Were Meant For Me," "Nice Work If You Can Get It," among others) are performed by some of the stars.

193...02/21/05 - Brotherly Love
When Simon asks Matt to prescribe birth control pills for his current girlfriend, a false rumor spreads through the house that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Lucy and Kevin have to decide whether to sell their new house back to its previous owners, Eric and Annie are upset that Kevin has been keeping a gun in the house for protection. Lastly, the Camden kids attempt to hide a big secret about Mary from their parents.

194...02/28/05 - Tangled Web We Weaved
Although he practices safe sex, Simon panics when his girlfriend of the moment, Sandra, confesses that she has an STD, and Martin and Mac catch Ruthie's boyfriend, Vincent, on a date with another girl. Meanwhile, Matt, Lucy, Kevin and Ruthie have second thoughts about telling Eric and Annie that Mary is pregnant to hide the fact she's deserted her husband and baby.

195...04/25/05 - Honor Thy Mother
After Annie plans a special family dinner, she forbids Ruthie from missing the meal to go out on a date with her boyfriend, Vincent. Later, Annie is disappointed when Ruthie takes advantage of an unsuspecting Lucy to sneak out with Vincent. Meanwhile, Eric is approached by a woman who wants him to convince her mother to move into a nursing home, and Kevin's brother Ben pays an unexpected visit to meet Savannah, forcing Kevin to invite his mother and her husband over for a visit.

196...05/02/05 - Hungry
After being taunted for wearing second-hand clothes by Vincent's new girlfriend, Raina, a distraught Ruthie runs into the bathroom and finds Martin's girlfriend, Zoe, recovering from a fainting spell. Zoe confides that her family doesn't have enough money for food and makes Ruthie promise not to tell anyone. However, when Martin breaks up with Zoe because he doesn't like her conceited attitude, Zoe thinks Ruthie has betrayed her confidence. Meanwhile, Kevin unsuccessfully tries to create some alone time with Lucy, and Eric and Annie suspect that Sam and David are feigning being sick so they can stay up late and eat sweets.

197...05/09/05 - Leaps of Fait
An extremely nervous Simon comes home to Glenoak to await the results of his STD test, and Eric counsels a woman who is caring for her two daughters with sickle cell anemia and whose absentee father is hoping to take them back with him to Memphis for treatment at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Meanwhile, Ruthie's ex-boyfriend, Peter, pays her a surprise visit, which creates problems with her current boyfriend, Vincent; Lucy and Kevin disagree over who should care for Savannah when Lucy returns to work; and Martin misses an important call from his father in Iraq while sneaking out of the house to be with his girlfriend.

198...05/16/05 - Mi Familia, part 1
After discovering that Mary has filed for divorce and signed away custody of her son, Matt is at a loss for how he's going to break this awful news to Eric and Annie. Simon informs his new girlfriend, Rose, that he won't have sex with her, but avoids telling her the reason behind his decision. Meanwhile, Ruthie's boyfriend, Vincent, asks Martin to get Ruthie to break up with him, Lucy finally decides she and Kevin may be ready to move out of her parents' house, and Eric introduces Cecilia's father to a potential foster child, but forgets to mention that the kid is part of a package deal.

199...05/23/05 - Mi Familia, part 2
When Simon and his new girlfriend, Rose, make an unexpected visit to Glenoak to meet their respective parents, Annie begins to suspect their relationship might be on a fast track. Meanwhile, Eric hides the news of Mary's divorce, worried that it will most certainly break Annie's heart; Martin is unwittingly caught in the middle of Ruthie and Vincent's doomed relationship; Lucy and Kevin may have finally found the perfect house; and Eric hits a roadblock in his efforts to unite George and Gwen with three kids in need of a foster family.