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August 26, 1996: Pilot: Eric (Stephen Collins) enlists the help of a neighbor (Eileen Brennan) to stop Matt (Barry Watson) from smoking, and makes a vain attempt to help Lucy (Beverley Mitchell) deal with her flowering womanhood.

September 23, 1996: Family Secrets: Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but: Matt and Mary (Jessica Biel) both have mysterious new friends; Simon (David Gallagher) and his new charge, Happy, could be in the doghouse; and Lucy keeps mum about the object of a crush.

September 30, 1996: In the Blink of the Eye: Mary offers to shield Lucy and her "date" from Eric; Matt gets into a scrape while out with a young woman; and Annie (Catherine Hicks) goes to Arizona to bring her parents home.

October 7, 1996: No Funerals and a Wedding: Annie feels abandoned on the day of her mother's funeral when her father bolts for home, Eric counsels a couple and Matt escorts Renee to the hospital after she goes into labor at the post-funeral luncheon.

October 14, 1996: The Color of God: The Camden kids learn hard lessons about race when Eric invites a black family to stay at the house after their church is destroyed in a racially motivated arson.

October 28, 1996: Halloween: Halloween is a fright, as Annie tries to scare up a costume for Ruthie (MacKenzie Rosman); Lucy has a close encounter with the town "monster" (Richard Moll); and a childhood memory haunts Eric.

November 4, 1996: Saturday: Eric counsels a teen drug addict (Christian Campbell); Matt's fired from another job; Lucy blows it when she tries to impress the most popular girl in school; Simon and Lucy get lost playing detective.

November 11, 1996: What Will People Say?: Eric helps out a woman who is being abused by her husband. But when the good reverend is seen escorting the woman to a motel one afternoon, it's the talk of the town. Meanwhile, Matt warns Mary about an older guy she's seeing.

November 18, 1996: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: Annie and Matt are robbed at gunpoint; Mary wants a tattoo; Eric is told to fire the church organist; Simon and Ruthie have the chicken pox; Lucy runs for student-body president (as does Jimmy Moon).

November 25, 1996: Last Call for Aunt Julie: Eric's sister visits the family for Thanksgiving but knocks the stuffing out of everyone when they discover that she has a drinking problem.

December 16, 1996: Now You See Me: Matt's new girlfriend seems more interested in hanging out with his family than with him; Simon thinks he can make himself invisible; Lucy wants to join the cheerleading squad.

January 13, 1997: With a Little Help From my Friends: Matt helps out an elderly neighbor, but winds up getting in hot water for it; Eric searches for a way to aid a proud but homeless family; Lucy's 13th birthday approaches and she wants a party.

January 27, 1997: America's Most Wanted: The kids receive some lessons about stealing: Matt and Mary carry on a high-school tradition by lifting a glass from a local diner and Lucy borrows liberally from a term paper Mary lent her.

February 3, 1997: Seven Is Enough: A tug-of-war ensues between Eric and his cantankerous parents (Peter Graves, Barbara Rush) over who will adopt a young orphan (Sam Saletta) found hiding in the church.

February 10, 1997: Happy's Valentine: Everyone's plans for a romantic Valentine's Day are interrupted when Happy, Simon's dog, gets out of the house and is hit by a car.

February 17, 1997: Brave New World: Mary deals with harassment from a boy (Don Jeffcoat) she turned down for a date; Lucy's new best friend seems to be hiding something; Simon prepares Ruthie for pre-kindergarten.

April 14, 1997: Choices: Mary takes a walk on the wild side with a classmate she meets in detention; a former associate minister from Eric's church drops in unexpectedly; Simon and Ruthie ferret out a scheme to fund their college educations.

April 21, 1997: Faith Hope and the Bottom Line: Annie volunteers as the church's treasurer pro tem but gets caught in the middle when Eric wants to hire an ex-con (Greg Evigan) against the advice of the church vestry. Meanwhile, Mary agrees to tutor Jimmy Moon in science.

April 28, 1997: It's About George: Eric has to tell his parents that George (Sam Saletta) may have to be given over to his birth father, who has resurfaced; Eric's alcoholic sister is released from rehab.

May 5, 1997: Say Goodbye: Annie's "boy-crazy" best friend from school, Rachel (Leann Hunley), is in town, but the boy she has her eye on is Matt; Lucy may have to say goodbye to her friend Suzanne (Rachel Crane).

May 12, 1997: Dangerous Liaisons, Part 1: Annie is livid when her father (Graham Jarvis) brings along his girlfriend (Beverly Garland) on a weeklong visit; Mary and Matt pursue new romantic interests; Lucy wants to find out if blondes really have more fun.

May 19, 1997: Dangerous Liaisons, Conclusion: Mary undergoes knee surgery, while Matt learns that Michael Towner was the hit-and-run driver; Wilson reveals the truth about Billy to Eric

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