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I would like to make an announcement this schedule has been on a lot of message boards I would just like to say it is innaccurate. I am trying to get a reallly on so lease bare with me!! I keep this one up to show you what I am talikng about!! Thanks!

Season 10 Schedule of 2005-2006

September 19th 2005
It's Late (Season Premier)

September 26th 2005
Home Run (New Episode

October 3rd 2005
Momma's Gonna Buy You A Diamond Ring (New Episode)

October 10th 2005
Ring Around The Rosie (New Episode)

October 17th 2005
The Rat's Out Of The Bag (New Episode)

October 24th 2005
It's Late (Repeat)

October 31st 2005
Helpful (New Episode)

November 7th 2005
Soup's On (New Episode)

November 14th 2005
Chicken Noodle Heads (New Episode)

November 21st 2005
Turkey (New Episode)

November 28th 2005
Home Run (Repeat)

December 5th 2005
Momma's Gonna Buy You A Diamond Ring (Repeat)

December 12th 2005
Apple Pie (New Episode)

December 19th 2005
Xmas (New Episode)

December 26th 2005
Ring Around The Rosie (Repeat)

January 2nd 2006
The Rat's Out Of The Bag (Repeat)

January 9th 2006
Helpful (Repeat)

January 16th 2006
Soup's On (Repeat)

January 23rd 2006
Chicken Noodle Heads (Repeat)

January 30th 2006
Got MLK (New Episode)

February 6th 2006
Episode 13 (New Episode)

February 13th 2006
Episode 14 (New Episode)

February 20th 2006
Turkey (Repeat)

February 27th 2006
Apple Pie (Repeat)

March 6th 2006
Xmas (Repeat)

March 13th 2006
Got MLK (Repeat)

March 20th 2006
Episode 13 (Repeat)

March 27th 2006
It's Late (Repeat)

April 3rd 2006
Episode 15 (New Episode)

April 10th 2006
Episode 16 (New Episode)

April 17th 2006
Episode 17 (New Episode)

April 24th 2006
Episode 18 (New Episode)

May 1st 2006
Episode 19 (New Episode)

May 8th 2006
Episode 20 (New Episode)

May 15th 2006
Episode 21 (New Episode)

May 22nd 2006
Episode 22 (Season Finale-New)