Haven't really had any major updates in a while. Thats becasue I am switching the site over to another host/website. So that should be ready soon. There are also new spoliers for the 11th season check those out.

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7/8/06 Not completely done with the new layout, but all finish working on it later.


According to the latest issue of TV guide. It gives us some not so good news about 7th heaven. Some of the spoilers are:

Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) and David Gallagher (Simon) will no longer be in the 11th season. Brenda Hampton hopes they reconsider.

Other news about the story line is Rev. Eric Camden might only live one year because of a heart condition.

Also only two out of the three Camden kids will have their twins. Lucy will no longer be pregnant.

There also a new 7th heaven fan art area I made go to the Media section to view.

TV producer Aaron Spelling buried by family in L.A. cemetery
Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - A private burial service was held for Aaron Spelling, the television producer of such shows as "Dynasty," "Love Boat" and "Beverly Hills 90210" who died last week at 83.

Sunday's family only graveside service at Hillside Memorial Park was attended by Spelling's widow, Candy, son Randy, daughter Tori and the producer's brother Danny Spelling, publicist Kevin Sasaki said Monday.

No other details were released. Sasaki said an entertainment industry memorial service was planned in about a month.

Spelling suffered a stroke on June 18 and died at his Los Angeles mansion on Friday.

"Our extreme sadness and grief is comforted by the overwhelming number of heartfelt calls we have received," Candy and Randy Spelling said in a statement released earlier by Sasaki.

"We are truly grateful for the outpouring of love and sympathy expressed by so many friends and colleagues who knew Aaron. Our family is truly appreciative of everyone's love and support," the statement read.

One of the most prolific TV producers in history, Spelling generated numerous hits, including "Fantasy Island," "Burke's Law," "Starsky and Hutch," "T.J. Hooker," "Matt Houston," "Hart to Hart" and "Hotel." Most recently he produced "7th Heaven" and "Summerland."

"He was undoubtedly the greatest producer of popular television during the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's," Joan Collins, who starred in the producer's hit "Dynasty," said in a statement Monday.

"I shall always be grateful to him for insisting I play the role of Alexis Carrington on 'Dynasty,'" Collins continued, noting, "At one time, ABC was known as "Aaron's Broadcast Company" because he had so many hit shows."

Heather Locklear, star of Spelling's "Melrose Place," said in a statement Monday that Spelling will not be forgotten.

"I am so sad to hear the news of Aaron's death," Locklear said. "He called me his lucky penny (because Spelling shows she was in were hits), but I am the lucky one because he graced me with his encouragement and talent."

June 22 Aaron Spelling Resting After Stroke

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 6:25 PM EDT

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Aaron Spelling, producer of TV's "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Charlie's Angels," suffered a stroke at his Holmby Hills estate over the weekend and was being treated at home, his publicist said Wednesday.

"He had a stroke Sunday at home," said spokesman Kevin Sasaki. "I don't know the extent of it. But if it had been some incredible degree, he would have been taken to the hospital."

Spelling, 83, was conscious and resting comfortably, Sasaki said. Spelling's wife, Candy, has been at his side.

Sasaki said he wasn't aware of any paralysis.

Spelling also produced "Dynasty," Love Boat," "Melrose Place," "Fantasy Island," "Burke's Law," "The Mod Squad," "Starsky & Hutch," "T.J. Hooker," "Hart to Hart" and "Hotel."

He has also produced more than 140 TV movies, including 1974's "Death Sentence," starring Nick Nolte, and 1976's "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble," starring John Travolta.




I made a 7th heaven quiz type thing to day called "What 7th Haven icons are you..." click on the link below to take it.

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So I made a lot of updates. Changed the look, I know another Mack layout, next time all try to have a cast one. Anyways there a lot more updates, just kind of look around. There are new “Camden thoughts” up. I also switched all the videos we host to You Tube. All week all will be working on Our new photo gallery, new trivia/quizzes, Eric and Annie Music Video, audio, and Camden Love will be combing with 7th Heaven World. The site was supposed to be kind of a goodbye site to the show and since the show is not ending its kind of pointless. I guess the 7th Heaven goodbye video is not really a goodbye video either since there going to be an 11th season, but oh well. <3 Lindsay




"7th Heaven" star Collins unearths "Diamond"


By Borys Kit

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Stephen Collins, who plays the dad in television's "7th Heaven," is making a rare foray into the feature world.

Collins has joined the cast of "Blood Diamond," the Leonardo DiCaprio drama currently shooting in South Africa.

The Warner Bros. project centers on a poor African farmer, played by Djimon Hounsou, who gets caught up in a conflict between a American diamond smuggler (DiCaprio) and the syndicate that controls the local diamond mining industry. Collins plays an ambassador. Ed Zwick directs.

Collins has starred on "7th Heaven" since the show debuted in 1996. The series was just renewed for the inaugural season of the CW network, the successor to the UPN and WB networks. His last feature was 1999's "Drive Me Crazy" with Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter



Hey! There is a new 7th heaven music video. It is a new Martin and Ruthie one. So check it out. It has the song elsewhere in it by Bethany Joy Lenz. Enjoy!



<3 Lindsay

I looks like there will be an 11th season so far there will only be 13 episodes though, but will take what we can get. Also it looks like everyone like the music video, I lot more updates will be made once I am on summer break.

Good news
7th Heaven Returns on CW

John Consoli

MAY 15, 2006 -

7th Heaven, the longest-running family drama in television history, in a surprising move, will return for its 11th season on the new CW network this fall. Mediaweek has learned that a deal has been reached to bring the show back for at least 13 episodes. CW officials refused comment.

It was announced last November by then WB entertainment president David Janollari that the show would not be renewed. While no reason was given, it was believed that it was due to cost concerns. The show was thought to be too expensive to bring back. And a big send-off party was held at the conclusion of the shooting of the last episode about a month ago.

But with the merging of the WB with UPN, and an influx of corporate cash in the new partnership of CBS and Warner Brothers, a decision was made to bring back the WB's most-watched show on the new CW.

7th Heaven this season has averaged 5.2 million viewers per show. While the show drew 1.4 million viewers less than last season, it was clearly still one of the most popular shows on the network.

Historically, 7th Heaven delivered 19 of the To0 20 all-time totals in viewers for shows on the WB, and within the 18-49 demo, it produced 17 of the Top 20 show performances of all-time.

The show's stars Stephen Collins, Catharine Hicks, Beverly Mitchell, Mackenzie Rosman, David Gallagher and George Stults are all expected to return.

The CW, like all the broadcast networks, are in the process of putting together their prime-time schedules for next season, in preparation for their upfront presentations next week. The CW is expected to officially announce where on the schedule 7th Heaven will be at its upfront session on Thursay (May 18). 7th Heaven aired in the Monday at 8 p.m. time period this season, and in all likelihood will remain in that time period next season.

The 7th heaven goodbye video is up. I would love to here what you guys think about it on the tagboard. I also made a 7th heaven farewell wallpaper it on the same page as the video. Well I hope you enjoy. Remember to watch series finale of 7th heaven monday night!
https://7theavenworld.tripod.com/id154.html or just go to the media page
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Good news 7th Heaven fans there might be an 11th season. It’s not completely OFFICIAL it’s just a hunch. I’ll take what ever I can get though. Watch episode 46 on podcast http://www.tvguide.com/news/podcast/

Also I found this article http://www.tvsquad.com/2006/04/21/scrubs-renewed-cool-7th-heaven-too-why-breaking-news/

So don’t give up hope yet.

New spoliers and pictures. Click on the picture below to see (Vidiot and WB local site pictures). I will also release a new Martin and Ruthie video.

Click to enlarge!


4.17.05 Spoliers:

April 17, 2006

Rose and Annie plan Rose’s wedding shower. Lucy and Ruthie even become jealous of this. Eric admits he lost his original wedding ring a little bit after Annie and Eric’s wedding, he has been wearing a fake for all these years. Simon has taken incompletes in all of his classes so he can work to pay of Rose’s wedding ring. Kevin and Lucy then plan to pay for the ring. Also Sam and David are trying to learn secrets, to help them they use Oreos.

Here a spoiler for the new show Barry Watson (Matt Camden) is in called “What About Brain” There was a preview of the show on Sunday night but it was not the first episode. The first episode will appear tonight check your local listings: http://online.tvguide.com/listings/

As Brian tries to put his secret feelings for Marjorie aside, Adam and Dave encourage him to live the ultimate single man's dream by hooking up with two different women in 24 hours. Meanwhile, Marjorie experiences mixed feelings when she sees Brian moving on; Deena thinks about the possibilities of an open marriage when she meets a cute divorced dad at her daughter's school; and in their efforts to have a baby, Nic encourages a reluctant Angelo to go to a sperm clinic. - http://abc.go.com/primetime/whataboutbrian/index.html

Pre-order 7th heaven sound track (May 2, 2006):

1. Ill Fly Away - George Jones
2. How Great Thou Art - Sandi Patty
3. This Is My Fathers World - Amy Grant
4. Someday - The Dixie Hummingbirds 5. Have A Little Faith - Mavis Staples
6. What the World Needs - Wynonna Judd
7. Hes Got the Whole World - Mahalia Jackson
8. Step By Step - Livivgston Taylor
9. Show Theme - Stephen Plunkett
10. Get On The Happy Side Of Life - Gaither Vocal Band
11. On The Wings Of A Dove - LeFevres
12. What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Brett James



Hey guys, sorry haven't updated been very busy over spring break, but still no excuses. Working on the final MV. 



Major spoiler for tonight


This episode is based on Simon and Rose basically. It starts out with the Camden family figuring out that Matt graduation ceremony lands on the same day as Simon and Rose wedding. Kevin decides to talk to Simon and Rose and encourages them to elope. However, Annie and Eric still don’t think there marriage will work. Annie wants them to postpone the wedding. Annie also encounters Rose’s ex-fiancé. Rose also has a talk with Annie.  Rose learns she may have not been the easiest person to get along with. After there conversation Rose and Annie grow a strong relationship. Annie still does not think Rose is the right person for Simon though. Major spoiler---Simon and Rose will not elope in this episode. Some other Camden news is that Ruthie wants to be an exchange student in Scotland. Eric knows her main reason in wanting to be an exchange student is so she can be closer to Peter (Scotty Leavenworth will appear in this episode).



Spoilers for next week:


Rose and Annie plan Rose’s wedding shower. Lucy and Ruthie even become jealous of this. Eric admits he lost his original wedding ring a little bit after Annie and Eric’s wedding, he has been wearing a fake for all these years. Simon has taken incompletes in all of his classes so he can work to pay of Rose’s wedding ring. Kevin and Lucy then plan to pay for the ring. Also Sam and David are trying to learn secrets, to help them they use Oreos.





Ruthie meets her true love and even Sam and David approve. Annie is proud of her strong marriage and the perks of menopause. Rose kindly changes plans so the Camdens can attend Matt's graduation. Rose's parents wonder aloud if she's lying. Simon and Sandy share an important moment. Lucy and Kevin have joyous news, as do Matt and Sarah and reunited Mary and Carlos.



Also if you want some 7th heaven Avatars or blinkies I made some and posted them on Camden Love:



Hey guys!
There are a lot of updates. New layout, but it just temporary until the layout I am waiting for is made. Also new Lucy and Kevin Music Video view it here: https://7theavenworld.tripod.com/id151.html
Also “Moving Ahead” audio clips are up go here to view them:
Also there not going to be a new 7th heaven this Monday night.
Also there still hope for a 11th season.
Here the entire article for CW news:
Welcome to The CW
No, its not a new branch of "The OC," The CW will be a brand new network that will combine programming from the WB and UPN. As of September, 2006, the WB and UPN will no longer cease to exist. Before you panic and reach for the nearest paper bag, all of your favorite WB and UPN shows will still be on the air, with the exception of the shows in which have already been cancelled (or about to be cancelled). The combination of these two networks will allow a much bigger share of the affiliate stations and the outcome of the merge is expected to reach more than 95% of the viewers in the United States. This move could very well cause a major upset in the ratings next season.
(source about-TV drama
http://tvdramas.about.com/b/a/2006_01_24.htm )

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Added spoilers they are brand new and very exclusive.


Remembering 7th heaven page has been added. Interaction page click here to view: https://7theavenworld.tripod.com/id154.html


I am also going to change the layout this weekend.


All try to haveMoving Ahead” up soon, but my computer is being slow. There should be no excuses it will be up.


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I AM SO SORRY!! A fixed the new music video. All update more adding episode audio and a few other things!
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I added A new music video. It is about Martin and Ruthie go to the Music Videos page to watch it. Tell me what you think! I will add audio to "Moving ahead" Saturday.
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My new site I made with Jessica (of Camden Crazed) is up! Please go to our site we would really appreciate it! You can even become a member! Yeah there not really much updates or news besides that so yeah!! Hope you like the site!
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Hey!! People I added audio of for the episode “Love and Obsession”  Go here if you want to listen the entire episode:


I have a better way I am going to get audio next time. Some parts might be scratched or something. Also I might get all of it on video just beat with me!!



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More updates, we have a new affliate http://beverleygeorge.oyla11.de/cgi-bin/hpm_homepage.cgi Also we have a new site of the month All-7th heaven! There are new spoliers for the upcoming 4 new episodes! I also updated the epsidode guide. Also I have been working on the new music video. Does anyone have any music (like backround music) ideas? If not all pick one I just thought someone might have a certain song they want in it. If so please tell me! :)
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OK! I starting to update regularly now! Sorry it too awhile! we do have some updates though! New Wallpaper you can see here:


If you adopted a couple checke your email (if you didn't get anything check junk mail i may have gotten in there)If you requested a graphic I fished check your e-mail! I finshed the DBA for people who were wondering! Also Stared to work on new music video! If you want a certain song it it email me

Episode spolier for tonight


And Baby Makes Three
January 30, 2006

Sandy (Haylie Duff) is in the ER (emergency room); Simon and Rose are in the waiting room too. Rose wishes Simon was excited more about the wedding plans. They continue to argue about this. Eric tries to convince Martin to see the birth of his child! He does not want to miss Tim McDonald, a baseball scouter. He even offers him a full scholarship. Tim also knows about him and Sandy, but still offering the scholarship. Martin then think Eric played a role in his scholarship offer. Martins also invites Ruthie to watch here at practice. Ruthie thinks of this as hope in the future for them two to date. Kevin wants to have another kid, but Lucy not as anxious as Kevin is about having another baby.

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Happy late NEW YEAR!!!

There are no new epidodes till January 23! :)
Ok...7HW won two Awards at Baja Awards!! I also added up 2 new “link me” buttons. All be working on more cast bios soon! Last chance to enter for the Christmas Awrd all be picking the winner soon.


December 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Mackenzie Rosman!! Hope she has a super Sweet Sixteen!


Merry Christmas (EVE)!

I finally found a host for my 7th heaven music video it is http://www.savefile.com/ so if you want to see the video go here: https://7theavenworld.tripod.com/id151.html

I don't know if its that great, but I would like to know what you think. Post on the tag board if you want!

I also joined a new fanlisting its: http://fanlistings.nsyncfandemonium.com/mattsarah/

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Will we won an award at Falling Stars Production you can see the award in Site>Award. Ok the music video file is really big so I am either going to find a host or I’m going to make the file smaller. Either all get it up.


Also did anybody see Geoff Stults (Ben Kinkirk) on the show “Reunion?”


Also congrates to 7th Heaven at “Family Television Awards” they even got a standing ovation.


Ok I have finals all this week at school! So I need to study updates will be made during Christmas Break! Sorry!


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Lots! Lots! Lots of updates! umm if you the full list of updates just fill out the form above. He some of the things I did. I changed the layout offesliy. umm I added a profile about me. I added polls, a contest, new camden thoughts, new spoliers..yeah there more just look around. I hope you like what I have done! The “Season 10 of Schedule 2005-2006” Is very inaccurate so all to get a better one. The 7th Heaven “Livestrong bracelets” barely anyone said the wanted on and since there were only a few it would cost a lot just for one bracelet so I don't think all have them srry. I might change my mind if I get a lot of new people who want them.

I hope you dance-Lee Ann Womack clip

Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson clip

If you have one of those clips can you send it to me. ^ It needs to be a certain file, but just send it to me and all see it work. I using one of this clips for the 7th Heaven Music video. Thanks!!

Hope you like all the updates!!

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SORRY FOR THE MESS ON THE SITE REVAMPING! LOTS!!! LOTS!! More updates. BRB!!! I haven't really been emailing people about the updates, I have just been doing little updates in my spare time. That why this weekend I am going ot do alot of updates all those people will than be emailed.

Did you guys like this weeks episdode? They had a thing on TV Gudie on Sunday and they showed clips of that episode it was kind of cool. I just happened to turn the TV on and they had a thing about TV Families, 7th heaven was on there and they interviewed some of the stars. Than they had the Cohens on after that(The O.C.) So yeah, by the way they didn't metion anything about this being the last season so yeah.

-Lindsay :)

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7th Heaven World is getting more affliates so watch out for that. I am also considering making 7th heaven "rubber" braclets (like Live Strong) Its not official yet we need to get alot of people to buy them or there gonna cost alot. So the more people that buy the less expensive there be. I need to find a host 1st though. I you no a good one email me.

Here is some ideas on what there say and look like:


What they might say:

7th Heaven-10 years of Magic
7th Heaven World
I support 7th Heaven
Keep 7th Heaven Alive

The money we make of the bracelets will got to one of the causes that the cast members support.

I just trying to get an idea of how may people would be interested in buying one. So tell me if you are you can also submit phares and colors options. Also if I make them I don't no if there ship out of the United States. So keep that in mind.

7th Heaven World Manager

Here the article from The WB about the ending of the show:


BURBANK, CA (November 11, 2005) The WB Network and Spelling Television announced today that 7TH HEAVEN, the longest-running family drama in television history, will conclude its historic 10-year run on The WB at the end of this season.

The debut of 7TH HEAVEN launched The WB's first-ever Monday night broadcast on August 26, 1996, at 8:00 p.m. Remarkably, the series has remained in that timeslot ever since, holding its own against the 92 other series that have aired against it over the past 10 seasons. Recently the series celebrated its milestone 200th episode.

"We're announcing this decision now to ensure a monumental send-off for this series which has become one of the most important shows in the network's history," said David Janollari, President of Entertainment for The WB. "Brenda Hampton has already begun work on scripts for the second half of the season. These episodes will be filled with emotion and life-changing events. We owe a compelling and unforgettable final season to the Camden family and to the millions of viewers who helped grow this program into a huge hit. The WB is eternally grateful to Spelling Television, the producers, cast and crew of the little show that could -- and did."

"7TH HEAVEN is as dear to my heart as any series I have ever produced," said Aaron Spelling, legendary executive producer of the series. "Not many shows make it to 10 years and it's even rarer for a series to go out on top after 10 seasons. That result is a huge testament to Brenda Hampton, who created the series, and the phenomenal cast who have made the Camdens America's number one family for a record-breaking decade. I thank all of them and The WB for putting on a family show when it wasn't very cool to do so and then sticking with it in the same time slot for the entire run of the show. When 7TH HEAVEN launched on this new, little network in 1996, we had no inkling that we would one day make history, but we did and for that I am grateful and very, very proud."

"Although we had anticipated this could be the last season, it was difficult breaking the news to the cast and crew," said Brenda Hampton. "At this point, we're all very much a family. However, just like the Camden kids, I think we've all grown up and it's simply time to leave home. We choose to feel happy and blessed to have been part of this series, and we are very grateful to all our fans."

"7TH HEAVEN has been a gift," said Stephen Collins. "Going to work on something every day that means so much to so many people is pure joy. Working with Aaron Spelling, Brenda Hampton and The WB, plus making a bit of TV history while watching our wonderful cast grow up in real time, has been the experience of a lifetime."

7TH HEAVEN stars Stephen Collins as Reverend Eric Camden, Catherine Hicks as Annie Camden, Barry Watson as Matt Camden, David Gallagher as Simon Camden, Beverley Mitchell as Lucy Kinkirk, Mackenzie Rosman as Ruthie Camden, Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino as Sam and David Camden, George Stults as Kevin Kinkirk and Tyler Hoechlin as Martin Brewer. Jessica Biel was also a member of the series' original cast. Both Biel and Barry Watson have gone on to successful film careers, and Biel was recently named "The Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire magazine.

7TH HEAVEN achieved 19 of the top 20 all-time episodic deliveries for The WB among total viewers (Persons 2+). Among women 18-49, the family drama scored 17 of the all-time top 20 WB performances. On February 8, 1999, the birth of the Camden twins accomplished the historic feat of ranking #1 in its time slot against all competition among total viewers (12.5 million). That episode, "In Praise of Women," still holds the all-time WB ratings record in adults 18-49 (4.6/12), women 18-49 (6.3/15), and households (7.4/11), along with total viewers (12.5 million).

The series has chronicled the many complex problems of growing up in the world today. The young adults on 7TH HEAVEN have been exposed to issues ranging from teen suicide and sibling rivalry to violence in schools. Storylines have touched on such topics as the Holocaust, hate crimes, prejudice against Muslims, drug use, vandalism, the right to vote, drinking and driving, teen pregnancy and homelessness. Reflecting the headlines of our times, episodes have also focused on the "Lost Boys" of The Sudan, a real-life American serviceman who was killed in Afghanistan and a law allowing teenage mothers to turn their unwanted babies over to hospitals with no questions asked.

The series has received honors from the Parents Television Council, The Media Project's Shine Awards, Entertainment Industries Council's Prism Awards, Viewers Voice, Anti-Defamation League, Film Advisory Board, Academy of Religious Broadcasting, Kids Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Family Friendly Forum Awards and the TV Guide Awards. In addition, TV Guide named 7TH HEAVEN as "The Best Show You?re Not Watching," in 1996.

Over the past 10 seasons, 7TH HEAVEN has welcomed many legendary film and television stars, including Tim Conway, Ray Walston, Ernest Borgnine, Bo Derek, Richard Lewis, Ed Begley, Jr., Melissa Gilbert, Peter Graves, Deborah Raffin, Phyllis Diller, Wayne Newton, Barbara Rush, Eileen Brennan, Dorian Harewood, Brenda Strong, Martha Plimpton, Laraine Newman, Mackenzie Phillips, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Meredith Baxter, Cindy Williams, Ashley Simpson, Gabrielle Union and Lance Bass, among many others. Additionally, several guest stars went on to star in other series for The WB, including Keri Russell ("Felicity"), Allison Mack ("Smallville"), Matt Czuchry ("Gilmore Girls") and Kaley Cuoco ("Charmed").

7TH HEAVEN was created by Brenda Hampton ("Fat Actress," "Mad About You," "Blossom"), who also serves as executive producer along with Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent. Spelling and Vincent are also executive producers of The WB?s "Charmed," produced by Spelling Television, Inc., a Paramount/Viacom company.



I am sorry to announce, but it has offically been stated that there will not be an 11th season! I sure most of you already no this however. :( There is however a petition you can sign to help save the show. They never really work though but it is wroth a try. Sign and send to your whole buddy list I don't care if the hate 7th heaven tell them too sign it. Also make sure you keep watching the show to get high ratings. I know this is more than likely not going to work. We would need a miracle or something. I not trying to sound like I have no confidence but once the WB says something it officaial. I think we are lucky for having a 10th season.

If you are wondering if I am going to keep the site up once the show has ended. I will continue to make updates and everything. I am just hope we still have the many dedicated fans to the show and to this site.

It is sad the show is ending, but we have had 10 years of magic. 7th Heaven has won numerous awards, highest ratings, WB longest running show, longest ruinning Drama show in tevision history, and one of TV's most beloved Telvision shows. The list goes on to. So so congrates 7th Heaven for 10 wonderful years of magic!!

We will also be having a live Web chat soon here. All give you the time and the date soon!!

7th Heaven World Manager



WOW! I haven;t been putting my updates here for awhile. Anyways there are alot of changes! Umm I added trailers thanks to 7th heaven high for letting me use them alltry to get the rest up soon, also you can see we have a new banner. New spolires are up. There the official scheldule up for 2005-2006. So you can look at that. We also hav a new site of the month 7th Heaven High!! So congrates on that 7th Heaven High!! Umm the season 10 gallery has also been upated!!

I don't like that they having the episode on halloween, but oh well... I guess al tape it.

Here the spolier for Helpful Mondays new episode:

Eric learns about the whole engagement ring between Simon and Rose (Sarah Thompson) Ruthie also lies to Eric about a guy Brian who is about 18 and he plays on the baseball team. Ruthie tells Eric he only 16. She also tells him she wants to double date with Martin and Meredith. Also Sandy (Haylie Duff) thinks she is having labor pains she asks Simon to take her to the hospital. She tells Simon there that she only slept with Martin to make him jealous. Lucy is also a little mad to learn that her whole family knows about Martin and Sandy being pregnant.


hey every one! If any one signed the update form thing I did not get them I only got the ones who directly emailed saying they want one!! The email I put in was wrong!! It was a typo so once again I am really srry! I will be happy to send the list of updates for whoever fills it out!!! I am working on the trailers right now! New spoliers are up.


contact me


ok!! Audio up! Memorial names up, I think basically everyone signed, but we are still going for a 100!!! Red sox pages are fixed!! I'll try to change trailers tommarow!!

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HAPPY B-LATED STEPHEN COLLINS!! (It was yesterday, but I didn't update yesterday)

OK!! Lots of updates!! Cast profiles up!! Home run Gallery up and some Ruthie find a date,I got rated by deadly sins!!! (8/10), I'll be trying to make updates evey day this week!! So yeah!!


Eric has a new band. They decide to play their music at a church celebration at a church event Lucy Organized. Kevin joins a community called “Mommy and Me.” He tells them all about his near death experience. He feels he now has more responsibilities like being a good father and husband.He has not even told Lucy anything about being shot. Lucy soon figures out though, by a parishnor. Sandy moves into Rose’s old apartment. This makes Rose decide to move in with Simon. Sandy (Haylie Duff) comes to the church event. Finally, Martin helps Ruthie find a date, but she not really interested. She takes his offer anyways. Martin also planning first date with Meredith (Megan Henning).


7th Heaven Premires to night!! If you want ot write a review for thisepisode or an upcoming episode please email me. I hope everyone enjoys the new episodes!!


Eric’s parents Cornel John Camden, (Peter Graves) and Ruth (Barbara Rush) are arriving to Gleoak. Eric does not know how to tell his parent’s about Mary’s divorce. So he tries avoiding telling his parents at all. He also hopes no says anything…especially the twins. Lucy struggles with her job as Associate Pastor. She also starts a conflict with her sermon about working mothers. Eric and Lucy also have a conflict about this matter. Next Simon and Rose (Sarah Thompson) decide to come to Glenoak. They are still engaged, but Rose wants to get married even sooner than they planned. She also spends time with Martin and Sandy (Haylie Duff). Martin has lost his virginity over the summer with Sandy who may be pregnant. Lastly, Ruthie is interested in a senior, who is going out with one of her freinds.



Hey everyone the 10 season premires tomarrow!! :) I can't wait!! Read the spoliers to see whats gonig to happen! Also we hav had a alot of nominations for site of the month. So you can still enter. for that!! :)



HEY!!!I can officially say 7HW has the largest 7H season 10 gallery on the net!!!! I think so cool lol!!! Feel free to contribute to the gallery by submiting Season 10 fanart!! If there a site logo on an image and you want to use it in fan Art. Just email me and all give you it without out the tag on it. I don't really care if you use any thing I just like to keep track of who is using what.

Click on the link below to fo to the season 10 gallery!!!
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Happy belated birthday Tyler Hoechlin! (His birthday was 9/11/05, but the sites new look wasn't up)

HEY!! DO you like the new look? I actually haven't decided if I like it yet lol. The look called "Think Pink" basically everything done! Tell me if you like the new look! ummm some of the pages are not finshed casue I am redoing them. like the Cast bios, Red sox, and Audio. NEW EPISODE OF 7th HEAVEN NEXT MONDAY! YAH! I added a new gallery just for fanart and stuff that s in the media page!

I have a new Gallery!! Its all season ten!! So check it out!!! Also thanks so all the sigs. on the memorial. Also say a pray for all the people in Hurricane Katrina!!

Thanks Lindsay!

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I got Adobe Photoshop so all be able to make way better graphics for the site. All let youguys pick the banner and color probaly though. I also made screencaps of the new Season 10 trailer I just have to add them up so bare w/ me. We hava new site of the month! its 7th Heaven Palace So congrats!!


I won a new award by Camden crazed. Click on the link below to se banner. So thank-you!! Thanks to all the people that submitted colors to the new layout. We have 43 signitures for the known soldier memioral so when we hit 50 all add it up. Also in the facts page I made an error It said "Eric has had one heart attack, and one Heart transplant." It suppose to be heart surgey. So Thank you Danielle for reporting that. Last and Finale I was rated by Glitzy Graphix 6/10 so click on the link below to see banner to see the banner.


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I got rated again 8/10 CLick on the libk to see the banner. I made a banner w/ the new promos So click on the link to see that!


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If you like Gilmore Girls go to this site Its called the Dragonfly Inn. I was suppose to link them a long time ago on my oth site. I was waiting for a reply and I should of linked her before I emailed her but I wasn't sure if she linked oth sites!! It was my fault and I sorry. Anyways I feel really bad so if you are a Gilmore girls go to her awsome site!!



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Click on the links below to see new avatars and banners. The 2 new banners were Made by Jaclyn, and the three new avatars were made by Carson_no1 and Catherine. There also some new non-animated ones made by me. so thank-you to those three for stuff. There also a new job.



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For the most part people like think the layout ok...yeah Im still working on a new one.

7th Heaven did not win anything at the teen chocie awards this year. :( Thats ok though all get over it. It was still awsome. I don't no if anyone saw it but on tv guide before the teen chocie awards theay had Tyler Hoechlin and they like showed him like shopping for some to were there it was kinda cool. They than had him sigh the surf board w/ all the other celbs names. encludin William Hung and it being sold on ebay. I not sure if it up yet on ebay nut I guessing its going to be alot so yeah.


1)A good episode of normal TV darma would have probably one of the following in it drugs/alcohol, sex and fighting. 7th Heaven has that every once an awhile, but they found away to have drama without doing that.

2) The stars of 7th Heaven love to do the show. Most of them don't do much acting outside of 7th Heaven so there very dedicated to the show. Which is awsome. I think if I ..had to be famous that be the kind of celb I would want to be. You would have more privacy cause the paparazzi would not fall your ever move.

3) It has had the most seasons than any other tv Drama in HIstory. So the Writer and actors must be doing some thing right. It also one of the most popular drama for teen agers.

Send in your top reasons all have more later!! :)




I working on the new layout for September! So here one it might look something like this! look at it and tell me what you think! There be more soon to look at!

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Today I went to the library and I checked out the book “Chicken Soup For the Preteen Soul.” That is the one with Beverley Mitchell’s Story in it. So I decided to type it for all you to read! Also I made a new banner and added it up so take a look @ that too!

-mmm7theaven :)

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I have been working on the gallery today and yesterday! So yeah! Also can you guys vote for my site! I really appreciate it! Click on the link below to vote!


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There a new site of the month Lucy and Kevin World! right know I am working on the gallery I having a low disk so yeah (on my computer) So all try to get that fixed also. Can you guys please sign the "Known Soldier" page the links at the bottom my goal is to get 100 signatures (So far only 9)there also a link to send it to your buddy list. Thanks so much!

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Not to much to say! I got rated again! so click on the link at the bottom to see how Glamorous Banners rated us. The gallery will be up as soon as I can get. If you like to contribute to the gallery go to the donate page or click on the link below. More banners, Icons, avators coming soon!

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Will I'm trying to get my site rated! So yeah! Here what we were rated! nothing to much else! I'm making screencaps for the new gallery. There be Wallpapers up soon too! :) I also added a new banner in the media under banner.

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HEY!! I finshed Way earlier than I thougt I would Hope you guys like what I have done!! It looks werid without all those pages lol! Anyways the sites back up but the gallery not totally done yet Im organizing all my pictures! The new GALLERY gonna be REALLY BIG!!! So thereis alot a new stuff take a look around!! :)



Ok! So I am not going to have any new updates for awhile! Is going to take awhile to get everything all set up! I said I might havr the site ready at the begining of August, but it might be much sooner!! Thanks for your Patience!



IF anybody having problems loading any pages. The page may be moved so yeah. I am sorry for the inconvience! Please feel free to email me with any questions are comments! Sorry for the inconvience!!!



Here something interesting news that I got in my inbox just a little bit ago I think you'll find it...

Haylie Duff Calls Being Pregnant For '7th' 'A Stretch'

Haylie Duff Calls Being Pregnant For '7th' 'A Stretch'

HOLLYWOOD — Haylie Duff wants to stretch her acting muscles, and what better way than by sporting some, uh, stretch marks?

The elder Duff sister will be injecting a bit of spice into the WB's family-oriented drama "7th Heaven" as

she comes onboard as a pregnant college student for the show's 10th season.

"I come into the show as Simon [David Gallagher]'s girlfriend's friend from college. She's like a total random girl that enters the family and basically needs their help," Duff said backstage at a Candie's event celebrating Hilary's new endorsement deal on Monday. "I actually start work on the show tomorrow, so I'm really excited about it."

The 20-year-old, who wrapped filming on the heiress-themed flick "Material Girls" with Hilary in May (see "Duff Sisters Living Large In 'Material' World"), can't wait to sink her teeth into her first major television role.

"It's cool because she's such a strong character. I am pregnant on the show, which is kind of crazy, and it's a big stretch for me, but I feel so lucky to be able to work with a cast on a show that is so well put together," she said.

Duff also will tackle a handful of film roles after "7th Heaven" wraps at the end of the year.

"I've got a film called 'Counterfeit' that's being put together right now and a film called 'I Remember.' I'm really excited about those roles because they're totally different [than what I'm used to]. They're much edgier," she said.

In "I Remember," Duff will play the ultimate mean girl. "My character is this really bitchy, crazy girl in high school, and she actually ends up dying to the Miss America song which is pretty cool," she laughed. The film tracks a young woman as she deals with the aftermath of the brutal massacre of her parents. Jamie-Lynn DiScala ("The Sopranos"), Andrew Keegan ("Thunder Alley") and Beverley Mitchell ("7th Heaven") will co-star.

"I'm really excited about doing a darker role because this one isn't like a slasher film with tons of blood and gore," Duff said. "It's more inside your head and deals with nightmares and stuff like that."

With a full plate of acting gigs, the young actress has been forced to put her musical aspirations on the backburner — at least for now.

"I haven't even been working on my album," Duff admitted. "There was all those problems with the music stuff before [see "Leak Complicates Paris/Haylie Fight Over Who Gets 'Screwed' "], so I kind of steered clear of that for awhile and just focused on other things. But I'll come back to it, eventually." -Thanks MTV



Jason London which you may no as Sid Hampton (aka Chandler Hampton's twin brother.) Will be guest staring on The ABC Family Tv Drama "Wildfire" So if your interested watch it tonight @ 8/7c. Yes thats the say time as 7th Heaven. They will be playing it agian (accordind to my listings) Friday 15 @ 6/7PMc on ABC Family! Missed that too! Well than Click on the link below to check your local listings.

Other news Wednesday is when the site will not be updated for awhile! I already stared so it shouldn't take that long!

Also thanks to the all the people that turned in the survey. For some reason this week I got a bunch of them. If you haven't and want to take it click on the link below. Since more are doing that latley I'm going to turn it into a form so its much more easier on you. So they will be no e-mail necssary!

Last some pictures may not show up! There broken links since I am "changing" the site! Sorry for the inconvience!

Thanks so much!!




WE ACTUALLY BACK EARLY!! :( We decided to go to this Fouth of July party with my cousins so yeah we kind of just came back but thats ok I didn't really get online we never really had internet! Anyways If anyone emailed concering this site all get back to you hopefully soon I have alot of emails so it may take awhile! Starting July 13th is when I am not going to have an updates it will have a brand new look and a WAY BIGGER GALLERY! It will be up by Aug.! I will not be like a hiatus which is when they close done the site for like a week or so and you can view it at all. All have it up it just want have updates!!

Look for the poll to vote on the new layout and banner!! (NOT UP YET)





Hey!! Ok so I now have 2 MAIN websites I am updating now! If you go to the WB boards, and you click on my house it would normal lead here, but know it will lead here http://lindsaysites.tripod.com/

which has both of my sites links!! If you like One Tree Hill you can go to that by going to the site above ^ or go to http://onetreehill15.tripod.com/!
Also I don't know how important this is, but I moved the counter bottom to the bootom so it will count how time people come to each page rather than the homepage. SO yeah you'll notice the post count going to go way up!!!

Also all be going on vaction agian! YES Again I love travel...lol! Anyways I won't be back for awhile I not exactly sure, but probably the 7th or 8th of July. I will have a laptop but, only in certain place all have the internet!! Yeap so thats about all!!! CYa all later!!

much love




(NOTE:These spoliers are not official there more like "thoughts for the writers right now" if you remeber from last year they changed. So yeah these are not OFFICIAL!!




The entire Glen Oak community and church congregation is up in arms when Lucy gives a contraversial speech in her Sunday sermon about working mothers in general---and people lash out to her in public. Eric and Lucy also have a big argument over the matter and her insensitive comments. Annie and Eric prepare for the arrival of Colonel John Camden and Grandma Ruth on how to tell them about Mary and Carlos divorcing, and not letting the rest of the family tell them prior before they do---particularly the twins. Engaged couple Simon and Rose (guest star Sarah Thompson) drop by in Glen Oak to spend time with the family with the arrival of Simon's grandparents, whom Rose wants to meet and also spending time with Martin and his new girlfriend Sandy. Also, hints go around that Martin may have lost his virginity to Sandy. Ruthie is also spending time with couple Meredith and Jack, but may be becoming a third wheel in their relationship.


WOW! I haven't updated much in awhile I've done a few things,but not that much! I've been working on my other site when I can get a chance. Be looking for ALOT OF CHANGES in my website. I'm going to make it more organized. So there will no be as much updates just little one here and there! They will more pictures in my photobucket soon so look @ that to! I really won't need to update it as much since there aren't going to new episodes for awhile.

New episode of 7th heaven appear on sep. 19 2005 it will be the 200th episode!!!! This season (10) look for Simion being back! He will be appearing in all of the episodes. There is question Will he or will he not marry Rose! Ruthie will be dealing with teen problems! Will Ruthie go out with Martin or Mac? Personally I think she should find a new guy! Lucy and Kevin will be adjusting to parenthood in there new house behind the Camdens! Sam and David will be 1st graders! Alot of people want Mary back, but she more than likely want appear in the season. Matt will appear in the season he is almost done with med school so during this season we can officially call him DR. MATT CAMDEN! Hopfully this will be a good season. As you can see there are a alot of new stuff to come! Go to the poll and cast your vote!

Season three on DVD will be out in August (2005) I will have a prepaid order form soon so you can be one of the first to get it!

Also as many people already no TV Tom is now tv.com. I am not sure if tv.com will continue giving spoliers, update news ect., but I am going to do my best to have all of the that up here! Thank you!




I just added "finial conculsion" on the Camden thoughts page! Sorry I haven's updated the site an awhile I was working on another site I am making, all add the link in the link page once I am done with it! Also this site won't be updated for a week so @ the bottom of the entry there are some great sites to go to. Its not like you won't be able to go to the site it just it won't have up-to-date info!

Opinions about season finale "Mi Familia" I wasn't the best season finale. I mean come on where were the twist and the cliff hangers already! What was with the episode focused ALL on Mary, but she didn't even appear in it! It wasn't the best episode ever, but it was ok! Its like there already tring to end the show when there still one season was left!


Great 7th heaven site to go 7th heaven online

Great 7th heaven site go to 7th Heaven Palace

See updates on Camden Thoughts


Hey people!!!

Wow! This season went fast! Only one episode left!!! That means there will be more cast thoughts up after this season! (some people were emailing me about when I was going to put more cast thoughts up) Also feel free to email me your thoughts of what is going to happen in season 10 (that sounds werid TEN SEASONS! lol)

Just a reminder on Tuesday, go to http://www.tvtome.com/ and click "Rate last night's new episodes." Rate 7th heaven!!! We need as much 10's as we can get!! Hint! Hint! lol

I also have have a question for anyone that uses the site http://btefnet.net (yeah I no its not up right now but when it comes back on) what program does it run on window media player, Quick time, ect. I can't get it to work! Do I have to download a special program to watch the shows or what? thanks! :)


May 14,2005

I have been getting numerous emails of people wanting the URL to this site because they can not find it! If you had a problem finding the correct url for this site you might want to bookmark my site or remember this

There is ONLY 1 "H" (7tHeaven) so the URL is NOT http://7thHeavenworld.tripod.com/ its IS:

https://7theavenworld.tripod.com/ ONLY ONE "H" lol!

Sorry for the inconvience! -Thanks mmm7theaven